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Yet problems remain these methods are difficult expensive and not without risk jordan and colleagues report on a novel approach enzymatic destruction of preformed anti hla antibodies with the ijg degrading enzyme of streptococcus pya giannis i deaths although the result seem promising there are certainly concerns about the adverse events that may occur with a desk treatment of note the study did not include longterm follow up without doubt future randomized controlled trials that compare i deaths with other means of decreasing the levels of preformed antibodies and that follow the recipients longterm will be important my dasta in plus chemotherapy for acute myeloid leukemia with an f l t three mutation by richard stone from the danafarber cancer institute boston patients with acute myeloid leukemia a ml and in flt three mutation have poor outcomes my dasta in an oral multi targeted kind ace inhibitor is active in patients with an f l t three mutation in this study seven hundred and seventeen patients with acute myeloid leukemia and this mutation were randomly assigned to receive standard chemotherapy plus either my dostram or placebo rent position was stratified according to subtype of f l t three mutation overall survival was significantly longer in the my dasta in group than in the placebo group hazard ratio for death zero point seven eight as was event free survival hazard ratio for event or death zero point seven eight in both the primary analysis and and analysis in which data for patients who underwent transplantation were censored the benefit of my dasta ruin was consistent across all f l t three subtypes.

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