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Well, Henry Cario. Is the leader of the proud boys, and he apparently was going to Washington D. C to take part in tomorrow's pro trump protests when Congress is counting the electoral College votes Well, yesterday, though, and retire, EO was arrested in Washington D. C. He allegedly burned a black lives matter sign that was stolen from a black church in D. C and he was caught carrying high capacity ammunition magazines around D C, which is not allowed. Yep. You're gonna see it. Oh, are there demonstration is going to happen tomorrow. Uh, during the count. I think you are going to see some massive demonstrations. Stop the steel. I mean, we don't know how many thousands Tens of thousands of people gonna show up. How many he showed up at the rally yesterday. I've heard figures all the way from 10,000 to 25,000 at his rally a president's rally in Georgia. I don't think they I think they purposefully didn't release an official. I mean the authorities. I don't I don't know what the trump people are saying, but I think the trump people are saying tens of thousands of people. But it's a zoo. Not funny because it used to be a scientific thing. They put a chopper up or whatever, and they have methods to count crowds. And then the police would go. This is how many people were there. Do you notice that they've stopped doing that, for the most part? The police don't really get into making public statements about official counts of how many people were at rallies because they got tired of all the controversy that Z 50,000 people were there and then somebody we know you're lying. It was 200,000 people. All right, Let's take a break. Come back and we'll finish it up. We got a couple of obituaries to share with you. And at least one unknown obituary. Yes, Yeah. Yes, A very religious came back from the dead. Uh, we have it's ah, modern miracle, and, uh, it's intervention by a higher power, who said Rise. All right, Jennifer,.

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