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Would be very few little girls as famous as blond six year year. Old Jon Benet Patricia Ramsey. She was born in Atlanta Georgia on August. Sixth Nineteen Ninety two parents. Jon Benet Ramsey and Patricia Ann. Dan Ramsey her name is unique as it was was a combination of her father's first and middle names. Her Father John was a wealthy businessman and her mother. Patsy was a former beauty queen. John Ramsey was a smart calculated and determined man. He graduated from Michigan State University in Nineteen Sixty thirty six with an electrical engineering degree. Five years later a masters in Business Administration from MSU. John was married before before he and his first wife had three children. Elizabeth Melinda and John Andrew but the to divorce in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight on November fifth nineteen eighty he married. What many considered to be the woman of his dreams twenty-three-year-old Patricia and Paul Yup better known as Patsy? Patsy attended West Virginia University and graduated with a BA in journalism and nineteen seventy eight just a year before four. She won the Miss West Virginia beauty title in Nineteen Seventy seven on January twenty seventh nineteen eighty-seven Patsy gave birth to the couple's pulls first child Burke Ramsey then three and a half years later they welcomed their second child. Jon Benet in Nineteen Ninety one one. The family moved to Boulder Colorado for John's business access graphics. A little background here. John was extremely hard working and driven. He was an entrepreneur. He started a computer company in the eighties. Eventually his company and two other companies merged nineteen eighty-eight this formed access this graphics the company was then sold to Lockheed Martin in Nineteen ninety-one John became the chief executive officer and president went up access graphics thus sparking the family to set up shop and Beautiful Boulder Colorado the ramseys purchased a seven thousand square foot. Home the address. Seven fifty five Fifteenth Street Boulder Colorado. The home was purchased for five hundred thousand dollars. Some reports state eight. The home is eleven thousand square feet. But I believe that would include. Maybe the basement balconies and other areas. We all know how the real estate listing game works they also did a very extensive renovation on the property as well speaking of which I will do my best impression. Here it's a beautiful. Red Brick Tudor style home built in nineteen twenty seven. There are four floors including the basement. The basement is made up of a series of small rooms the home it features two staircases one traditional and one spiral there are five bedrooms burke and John Benes rooms are located on the second second story. Job As room is complete with its own bathroom and balcony. The master suite is above the children's rooms located on the third story. The ramseys Patsy in particular loved this House. The ramseys were riding pretty high but unfortunately life is often a series of peaks and valleys sadly on January Eighth Nineteen ninety-two John Ramsey's oldest daughter. From his first marriage Elizabeth Ramsay was killed in an automobile automobile accident in Chicago Illinois. She was just twenty two years old on December twenty third nineteen ninety-two. The ramseys purchased a one thousand seven hundred in thirty one square foot vacation home in Charlevoix Michigan for three hundred and thirty six thousand dollars for those unfamiliar. This is an absolutely a beautiful area. Northern Michigan right along Lake Michigan absolutely gorgeous in June of ninety three. Patsy Ramsey is diagnosed with breast cancer. Sir For this. She will receive exams at the Charlevoix Community Hospital and treatments in Maryland. Now we're going to go through a pretty thorough timeline for for the Ramsey family. Some of these events may seem trivial however given the crime that we know is going to occur these items were included in this time. Line line because of the possibilities and the suspicions surrounding this case in Nineteen ninety-four seven-year-old Burke hits his little sister Zhabei on the cheek with a golf club. Well let's be clear. This is not a situation where burke decided. I don't like you and I'm going to smash smashing the face with a golf club. This was purely an accident. This wasn't like the time my brother hit me in the back with a baseball bat because he was trying to kill me. I questioned this at first glance because we do know that children siblings will fight with one another and they can be quite vicious dishes at times plus when they're very young as they would be in this situation. It's an impulsive thing to pick up a club and hit your sister your brother other with because they did something mean to you. I am burke only being seven years old. He won't be thinking if I hit her in the face with a golf club. I could possibly kill her right. This could have lasting consequences however everything that we could find only indicates that this was just an accident accident and believe it or not in my own life. I've experienced a situation where one of my friends accidentally hit another friend in the the face with a golf club and the vase on the back swing because the person was standing too close as the other person was taking swing. We don't have the details of of this specific accident however again everything indicates that it was just that an accident right but it was pretty vicious. Because Jon benet would be left with scar a short time later. Johnny underwent plastic surgery at a surgeon in Denver this to correct that scar on the left cheek from from the golf club. Incident and December of nineteen ninety four. The ramseys giant beautiful home is one of just seven homes in the area to be included in the historic homes for the holidays tour. This is important for a few reasons mainly this means that approximately fifteen hundred people will participate dissipate in a tour of the ramseys property and the house in April of one thousand nine hundred five four year old Jon Benet Ramsey wins the Colorado auto state all star. Kids paget out. She will participate and win several pageants. I'm not going to go through all of them captain. Frankly when research searched well you get a bunch of different information so I will just stick to the ones that I can confirm. or at least have double-checked October of Nineteen ninety-five was a happy and exciting month. For the Ramsey family. Jon Benet was crowned Little Miss Colorado Sunburst and John Ramsay was the winner of the Entrepreneur of distinction award but to be clear. I don't think like her whole family was revolved around her winning something. I think it was nice. When she wan- they devoted a lot of time doing it but I don't think it made the families year if she got some award regarding John Ramsey's he's business keep in mind? Access graphics is doing very well in the company is growing in sales and staff quite rapidly. Then it was patsies turned to receive some recognition. This came when the April nineteen ninety-six issue of Women's magazine Profiled Patsy Ramsey this article of course will include a lot of her personal information but also a lot of personal information about John and the kids then in July of Nineteen ninety-six. Jon Benet one. America's royal tiny miss the following month. She finishes second and the the Sunburst National Pageant. This pageant was held in Atlanta Georgia. On Saturday November thirtieth John Ramsey host host a surprise fortieth birthday party for his wife of sixteen years and this is truly a surprise as her actual birthday is not until December twenty ninth. This was a big fortieth birthday celebration for Patsy held at the Palace Hotel in Denver is laws speculation though that she was not looking forward to this time and was actually very upset about turning forty then on December six during the lights of December parade. Jon Tape appeared on her own little Miss Colorado float. This is an annual parade where spectators enjoy floats created and decorated by local businesses churches and civic groups. The parade often includes marching bands fire engines holiday carolers and an appearance by Santa Claus. This takes place in downtown. Boulder in Nineteen ninety-six Burke was in this parade as well on Friday December thirteenth. There is is a big holiday party at the Ramsey home. This is attended by more than one hundred and fifty of their friends from Church so again just pointing out another event then at their house with a lot of guest so what we are quickly learning is this is a house that has many people who have been in and is often opened up too many guests over just the few years that they have owned the home. Four days later on the seventeenth the six year old was crowned Colorado's. Those little Miss Christmas. This is one of the larger pageants. She has participated in and certainly in achieving moment and and in hindsight really kind of just an eerie weird thing. The job in a would be named the nineteen ninety-six Little Miss Christmas. Now we don't have a date but I want to make sure that we include this here. There's a report that this took place some time. In December uh of ninety six and this comes from a statement to law enforcement at some time. In December. Jon Benet tells a gardener. This is Brian Brian Scott about her father John Ramsey..

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Patsy Ramsey, Jon Benet Patricia Ramsey, John Ramsey discussed on True Crime Garage

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