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And kept going until he fans the next available place that i'd want for the glenn park lottery the moment ross walked into the lottery computer scientist thomas and followed him he'd been instructed the cape annoying ross's computer at all times so he took up a positioning so odd undercover surveillance agents had already followed grossing as well agent tobbaco sat down next the jarred out so at the library jarred was keeping a close on his laptop waiting for the dread porat rub robots to reconnect to the stuff chat on so growth tapo had given strict instructions to all of the other agents present to white for jr to get chatting with the dread part robots on the silk road employee chat before anyone made to move against him jarque kept looking at the screen anxiously minutes sink what galas and to foreign away at 300 pm the dread par rubbish reconnected to the superfoods stuff trip jr took he's opportunity and using the silk road employees account of serious that he had taken i've he taught hot but there was no response jarque kip looking at the screen withing after one minute past he tried again the you then thirty long seconds ticked bore the drip park roberts responded chart talked how you doing the draft part rubbish chances on i k u jarred said goud can you check out one of the flag messages for me jared news at the dread port robots could only access the flag messages from the main administrative section of silk road otherwise known as the mosque demoted section if they cool ross in that part of the sought to was game ivo designedly the dread par aerobics could access it another long been at passed before the dread part roberts he hinted chiule lemme logan.

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