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Today we both have been using it. We really love it and the discount is automatically applied at checkout all right girl. Let's dive into the episode. How is your summer ben. I feel like we have to share with people what we've been up to a little bit. I know it's. I can't believe we're coming to an end here like summer. No came and went like a blink of an eye. And i can appreciate that because not every summer feels that way. Some trashcan and you are so ready for school. But i'm almost dare sterry say like kind of i. I'm sad it's coming to an end. Yeah i know it came really fast. It did really fast. And i shouldn't complain because honestly like last year we had like a seven month. Oh my gosh. So i should be like welcoming kind of an new school year and it's a little earlier this year but it just came really fast but we have had actually a really good summer. I think my kids had a lot of fun. We did Most recently we went to california with my sisters and we went beach camping with dad and that was such a blast. We love doing southern california. And you know just the beach all day and boogie boarding and my kids like really got used to the water. My younger kids like my oldest is always like loving the boogie boarding and swimming and it always takes my younger ones you know. But by the by the end of the trip they were swing and boogie boarding and bodysurfing all day and that just makes a difference. Yeah he was loving it. Yeah they had so much find and it was fun to be with some cousins just like the beaches so nice because you really do just kind of feel like you're relaxing some downtime. There's nowhere to go. there's nothing to do. you can just hang and it's just so nice to be lazy. I totally agree with that statement. I will say. I feel like there is an age range. Yes when you have the little ones well let me say this. I didn't grow up going to the beach did you. Yeah we would always go to the beach summer. But i mean we like it took me a long time to get comfortable with the water like if you don't know the waves in the cold icy water and all that. Because you're just you feel like a fish out of water. It feels very different. Yeah one hundred percent. So i again. So lauren grew up here in arizona. I grew up in texas..

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