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Whether josh rosen cares enough about football to be great at football or how you take. What looks like a high school or collegiate athleticism and figure out how to extrapolate into whether or not that will have success. But if indeed that isn't ability and that ability is in the margins. Theo epstein you can make the argument. Has it more than anybody. And so if you if you are fighting other teams competitive competitively for the fighting for the finding of talent Theo epstein also has all the money in the world. And so if you go from chicago from boston chicago if you say you see this mets ownership and i don't know is that who he's being linked to. The mets owner came out and demand. He won the press conference by saying all the things that arrogant new york loves to hear. I'm here spent. I'll be disappointed if we don't win. In three to five years. And then the first order of business is Theo epstein resigns from the chicago cubs. Because he wants to go do it at a third place because the mets even with a couple of titles. The mets are loveable laughing stock that gets storage safely. They're losers even though they have on their resume. One of the greatest sports miracles that we remember. I've just making the connection of you know he the cubs. The mets have a new owner. They're looking to round out that ownership group and he would be the perfect guy to have their ad. So i'm making a leap by no idea. But i would assume the mets are one of the teams would consider we will talk to jeff passan and find out what's going on with theo epstein. Thank you tony anthony. Edwards is the process. They he's got a bunch of questions around him. I don't know if it's true or not. Because i'm confused by the internet all the time i don't know if jimmy butlers actually dating selena gomez or if the internet trick me i don't know if it's true that anthony edwards is in a position where he is bringing his own food to benny hana's but it is said that he has been. I would like to have that verified. It would like for someone to verify for me whether the prospect anthony edwards thought that that was just a personal botchy. Plays that you bring your own stuff too and you just throw some shrimp at the chef and tell them to make it for you because it is something that has been reported about anthony edwards but it might be the internet just fully in the same way. Did with kawhi leonard..

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