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And what max had done through history just through history waving the strange fate, apparently he'd gotten himself involved with the doctor beer, doctor beer was an acknowledged and respected scientist. He came up with a lot of the theories about inoculation, like he's well known for inoculation. And so what he would do is he would give hate treated bacteria to people, which would obviously kill the bacteria, but it introduced it to their immune system to kickstart natural immunity. So inoculation was a big deal, but through him. He somehow made acquaintance with a doctor Freud and Jung, Carl Jung, and when he made doctor Freud and Carl Jung, he strikes up this relationship with Jung. And under the tutelage of Jung, he was under this idea. This is a doctor feel good about treating people from this perspective of the collective, unconsciousness. And he felt that and this is around the time without creating things like which are now paxil and Ritalin and LSD was being all these substances were being utilized at the time. And he thought that if he could mix these things with different enzymes with hormones with serums that he could generate these magical elixirs based on the teachings of Carl Jung. So what treat the collective oncologist for some kind of concoction? Yeah, all these wealthy patients that were suffering these neuroses that were coming to Yong. They started getting these ideas about how they could treat them through ultimately affecting the collective unconsciousness through the use of these substances that were being created. I know. What the hell? I did the same thing. I'm like, are you kidding me? This is just crazy. But what he was doing, max was only concerned about looking at ways to get his clients high enough to ignore their illnesses. And that's what it does, right? Government campaigns about methamphetamine. Methamphetamine truly I don't want to come down to people on drugs, but methamphetamine is just the worst..

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