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Number two, the movie bohemian rhapsody is now the second highest grossing musical bio pic of all time trailing only straight outta Compton. Is that factor is that fiction? Jay, I'm gonna say fiction. I'm gonna say fixing his I think mama Mia would would have beat it. Fudge. Fiction all three of us going fiction fiction all for the wrong reasons. Bohemian rhapsody is the number one bio pic so with the hundred ninety four million straight outta Compton. At one hundred sixty one million. The next one Willie thrower was the first African American quarterback in the NFL. He played for the cog. Oh bears in nineteen fifty three. Is that fact or is that fiction? I think you made it up, and I think you made up the name thrower because it would be really funny. If someone missed it, I think it is complete fiction complete fiction. Yeah. Heard the name though. Yeah. A million percent. Yes. L E thrower, Google him. Somebody made that up and put it on the internet or no, absolutely true. Or that wasn't his real name. And somebody said who's that black guy? What's his name? Oh, let's call it. It's true. It's true. This looked it up. It's true. It's true Willie throw. All right, j you still lead to two one remarkably the term Charlie horse comes from bandit. Jesse James who source Charlie Gallup so fast at times that he got cramps in his legs. Is that factor is at fiction, Michael funches fiction. Jay. Yeah. I'm going fix into. I was going to say fiction, but I need to catch up at some. No, I'm going fiction. I think it's fake. It is. In the Sherlock Holmes books by Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock, Holmes. Never says elementary my dear Watson is that factor. Is that fiction? Jay, I'll say, that's fact, that is fact fact. Yeah, that is did see term paper, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. And he never says that just like Keith Jackson never said. Whoa. Nelly. Just like Sam in castle or at bogey never says play it again Sam places play one more time at one time. You never says played against. All right. How many to laugh, okay? Actually, only one. Okay, one. Then that means this is where two and a half funds. You and I are one day it's Corrales for you. And I have three funchess. All right. So this'll decide between Bob and Scott Cole cow, sqi, father and son. They played in the first in the last NFL games. Played. At the Pontiac Silverdome, so father son, Bob and Scott Cole. Cow sqi played in the first and last games at the Pontiac Silverdome is at factors at fiction funches fiction. Jay, I'll say fact, okay. So I need this to beat the only way I can beat Corrales to say fiction. And I'm hoping those guys are fraternity brothers of yours, and you completely made it up. I'll go fiction hundred percent fact. Corral swin first and last games at the Pontiac Silverdome there you have it..

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