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On ESPN radio and ESPN app. I'm Jim bask and back with more from baseball Astros. Second baseman Jose altuve headed for the Angeles strained his hamstring on Friday. So that's the bad news for Houston this to good. The righty dowdy ready. Here's the pitch. That is. Coming in Brantley seven ballgame RBI single that you out for Tyler white white getting it done with the bad, Katie seventy AM eleven four over the Rangers Hicks at the plate. Fly ball field resort back looking up at all. John hicks. Just carried the wall. Live number two for Hicks. Tigers four three lead in the night. Yeah. That's the twins four game win streak. Eighty seven. I should say ninety seven one the ticket with the call hits the tiebreaking home run in the nine five three in the opener. The double header see Jake Krohn though at three run Jack in the nightcap. Eight three twins. They gained a split. They've won five of six Oakland. Scored a pair of runs in the night. Three two at Cleveland. The Indians wasting strong performance from Trevor Bauer allowed just two hits over seven strong frames while banning ten and how about the White Sox ball one strike the one swinging a high fly ball left field down the line that the poll this is. I believe gone for a whole brawny went inside the poll Darren socks they'd want. Nothing Sanchez with his whole run. The left is first of the year. And Jay's McCain Yohmor Sanchez backing the offense can match a career high with four heads. They beat Toronto handing d Jays night loss in eleven games. And how about this? The Blue Jays acquiring writer, Edwin Jackson from righty, I should say win Jackson from Oakland. Meaning that this will more his fourteenth major league team. And that sets a major league baseball record for the most teams by player in league history. The NFL Wade asking set to be turning heads at Redskins rookie minicamp. It's been a treat coach Jay Gruden said has skins with our Sal paolantonio number.

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