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Mark turgen, you know, no longer being the coach at Maryland. I mean, I guess that was always inevitable. It's inevitable for everybody by definition. But this always felt like I don't know that I ever expected it to end 8 games into a season, but I did always expect it to end with him either parachuting out or getting pushed out because he not because he ever runs it into the ground, but because he just didn't do enough. Okay. My two final thoughts here are Maryland's just it becomes a huge mystery team to me now. Does the team rally under Danny and do they get themselves into a position in the Big Ten where they can make the tournament? I don't know. They just become, you know, middle of the pack or worse and that league and then barely even in the NIT or worse. I'll be interested to see how this team responds over the next couple of weeks and down the stretch into February and just see what happens there. And then whenever a job like this opens, obviously you want to discuss candidates. It's extremely early, and let me emphasize one thing here. Performance this season will also have an impact on what the candidate pool really is. Barring there being some sort of situation where it's, you know it's a few people that Maryland and a coach and his representative and those are the only people that know and there's some sort of deal that's agreed to and say late January or whatever. Barring that kind of situation happening and surfacing, you will have coaches having good teams in January to February, making tournament runs and how that might impact because obviously you want to time this well. You don't want to have a situation where you'd hire someone and they're in the midst of a bad run or they're on the downturn. As one example with this, you know, Mike bray and knows the area well. Mike bray has told me on the record multiple times, Notre-Dame will be his final college basketball job. So never say never with any of that, I don't even know if Mike bray would be top three candidate for Maryland, but he has done a really good job for a long time at Notre-Dame, but it's kind of a little bit on the downturn. We'll see if he can get it turned around there. He knows the magnetized the whole deal. You'll probably see his name fill it out there. I wouldn't expect that, but whatever. Some names, I would say, if you're looking for a coach that's done well from the area that's really outside the box. Again, this is just initial guys that I would consider. Andy Enfield is from that area and has done a really good job at USC. I don't know if you want to leave Southern California to go to Maryland. Don't know if Maryland would consider him among the top of their list. But he's one that pops to mind. Kevin Willard definitely pops to mind there. He's had a really good run of seat and hall. I could see Kevin Willard coach in ten more years. It's eaten all. I could also see a situation where Kevin Willard wants to choose a change of scenery. He wants to reboot, and then we'll kind of wait and see. That kind of feels like almost like, let's see what Seattle looks like this season. And if they're really, really good, maybe his name becomes even hotter. Mark Schmidt, saint bonaventure has deserved a bigger job. 5 years at this point, I would absolutely put him on my list if I was Maryland. And then Mark Pope at BYU is a coach that I think just it doesn't matter where he goes. He's inevitably going to if he wants it. They're going to the big 12, but that's not happening for a couple of years. They're basically running like a high major program at BYU now. Again, I'm not assigning intention to any of these coaches. This is me scanning on my own over the past 30 minutes and looking what coaches might make sense. Those are the ones you mentioned Kim English. She's from the era. He just started at George Mason, not that he couldn't be the next coach at Maryland or anything like that. He's from the area. They beat Marilyn. I get all that. Marilyn fans are probably already side eyeing. We made jokes on the podcast about it parish. I don't know. He's really young. We'll have to wait and see on that. And then there's one coach that's a big name that I'm not sure if he's ever going to return to college coaching, but I'll just mention him here. John B line is 68. I mean, he's got a role with the pistons now. He'd be a good hire, but how long would he want to coach there? I don't know how likely that would or would not be. So, you know, just to defeat the curiosity of those listeners, because once this happens, you're always thinking about who's next. That's just an initial scanning. Don't know if it'll be any of those guys. And I think there's a good chance that once we get to the middle of February, there could be two or three guys at different schools that make a lot of sense based on the success they've had this season. You were joking earlier when you mentioned Rick Pitino. I don't think that's crazy. It's not crazy. I just I mean, there is nothing about Rick patino or the sport of college basketball that disqualifies him from being a high major coach. Literally nothing. You look around the country. We don't have to name names and look at some of the other people who are still coaching college basketball and high major level. What they've been accused of is far worse as it pertains to NCAA rules than what Rick patino was actually accused of. Like, I know that Rick's program was involved in some wild stuff, but what has Rick actually been accused of? It's not disqualifying. If I tell you this, if I were Maryland, I'd at least, at least think about it. Another name that somebody tos out at me, you know, right before we started this podcast, Archie Miller, but struggle in the conference. Well, that's the problem. If you're Maryland, do you go, I mean, and let me be clear. That's something I would have something I would consider. I would at least think about it, talk about it. Archie went from the hottest young coach in America to fire, but I don't think he got dumber or worse coach while I was at Indiana. It just didn't go the way any of us thought.

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