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Wichita, Cassin, Chief Meteorologist discussed on Mark Levin



The two of our Vance family members were killed in this mess the names of the pilots have not been released the investigation is ongoing rain showers will continue to blossom this evening carry through the overnight temperatures will be falling we're going to have a right around that freezing point tonight that means the rain will become a wintry mix of sleet and possibly snow best bets for snowfall accumulation will be to the north and also to the west of Wichita are mostly cloudy skies for your Friday the high will be thirty seven we are Cassin's from treasury forecast from chief meteorologist Lisa teach men it's overcast forty one ninety eight seven and thirteen thirty K. an SS news I'm Dan o'neill stay tuned for more mark live in it's good to keep him in our weather rest of the current information traffic matters to me ninety eight seven thirteen seventy form is important because information is power an SS broadcasting from from the underground command post in the files of a hidden somewhere under the broken steel of a nondescript building we once again made contact with our leaders the end hello everybody mark living here are number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one don't forget nine thirty PM eastern six thirty PM Pacific I will be on Hannity tonight discussing these things and more Adam Schiff a spend an awful lot of time with opening statements closing statements is worse closing statement was today.

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