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Salman into downtown we're quiet on I seventy five southbound it's about fourteen minute drive from state with a. Fifty six into I remember the ramp from southbound two seventy. Five to northbound I seventy five in manatee county remains closed with long-term construction and railroad crossing repairs have state route sixty closed east of Clarence. Gordon junior road so us old Hopewell road instead eighty nine, seventy WFAN Another hot August. Day with a high of ninety three and a. Thirty percent chance of storms it's seventy. Eight degrees at NewsRadio nine seventy WFL a a teacher is arrested on charges, of having sex with two students in middle school thirty one year old Alex hall is charged with multiple counts of rape and sexual molestation of minors ever a parrot tipped off. Police in. Plant city that the math teacher was involved with the students at Benito middle. School, I thank God I'm not raising child. In this. Day, and. Age because it would be, very scary. Halls neighbor Angela Dylan tells news channel eight he, appeared to have the perfect life with a wife and father. To a five year old boy but police say he was living a double life investigators don't believe there. Are other victims another court hearing happens today in the fatal. Street racing crash on Bayshore boulevard twenty year old Tristan hairiness scheduled to face a judge on a misdemeanor charge related to the crash that killed. Mother enter toddler on base your boulevard back in may Police say Herron rode in the car that eighteen year old brother Cameron drove when it ploughed into twenty four year. Old Jessica Robyn and her twenty one month old daughter Lilia police had a car reached one hundred two miles an hour right before the fatal. Collision Cameron Heron. And Josh Baranov the driver of the other car in the race according to police both face vehicular homicide charges John mcwethy NewsRadio nine seventy WFL a the Pinellas county sheriff hopes a crackdown on illegal. Contracting will save. People from getting ripped off by Guatieri says a sting operation over the weekend at a twenty. Nine arrests the people doing contracting. Work without a license the sheriff says he.

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