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Cases of child abuse it's a forensic light that uncovers evidence that otherwise could be overlooked more from komos eric heintz the forensic light rain lee was donated to the dawson plays child advocacy center in everett it can eliminate biological matter that the human i can't see and could even show injuries long after visible bruises have faded investigators tell the everett herald those findings are vital especially when victims of crimes aren't able to explain what happened to them the forensic white can fill in gaps for detective or cooperate a victim's account more than 1200 children were serve the dawson place in 2015 eric heintz komo news komo news time 707 i know parking idea in seattle is for apartment garages where not all the stalls are taken to open their doors to the general public allowing apartment owners to make a little money in the process it's an idea brian stevens with the cia department of construction and inspection says could ease street parking crunch so this opens up a new market for parking in your community in a building that might just be across the street from where you live a recent survey found thirty five percent of all park install sit empty in residential buildings as draft legislation is up for public review through october v that will go to the city council final thought possible sometime in december there's a big changes for hundreds of students who take the state ferry to vast sean island every day a new code of conduct in sterling with the pera system says there's been trouble in the past with rowdy behaviour we are regulated by the united states coastguards so there are serious consequences if you interrupt or a disruptor safety of a ferry the solution is a designated students seating area were pushing and shoving and horse player banned in school district has put a ferry monitor on board the sailings that have a lot of students on the ferry systems dresses most students are behaving acquaint n coupled need your help finding family heirlooms that were stolen tie in murray

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