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To get there once you understand that. That's how you do. You're able to acknowledge your greatness and it doesn't happen overnight. You gotta fail. You fail jeff to know where your failures. I recognize where your faults wants to for that to happen. You have to fall in order to learn how to stay out. 'em saying like i a hundred percent. I mean that's that's universal Universal thing to learn now in day two matches that we have to watch from data from that pay per view. The two thousand super brawl. Revenge was travelers ray. They said it was a great match. I actually remember that and canyon versus dp and. i think we should do a Cutting a pro or hot tag on canyon because canyon is a is a do that doesn't get the recognition that he is wrong. And you know why. I'm gonna show you him and honestly he's a guy that If he didn't succumb to his demons he would be guy right now. That would have been a great asset to performance center. So i'll shout out to candy. He would have been a great look for for their. I listened to the oral sessions with Rene and she had gabby tuft. And i have to say i get it. You wanna be with you are you. If you this is what it is in your life that transitioning changing sexes orders. That's cool you know. Whatever you doing your house. Oh does it feed me wherever the nets you right. I was just still on it idea to where i'm not gonna get it. I'm not because i don't. I don't have to deal with that like i don't i don't i don't have to live that way. I don't. I don't see where i don't i i i have to that. I feel that. I'm uncomfortable or not comfortable with my sex or and it's not even sexuality take sex because he she said that she me to transition and she's still into women so your lesbian but one a so you're still in no end the women but you turn into one K dick burger. Yeah yeah it's all about that certain segment of the population and wish you don't need to redefine. the word. gender wants to make it something. That's a choice or something that that corresponds to a feeling when it's just your gender is whether you are the male or the female of the human species that was that's what makes you a man or woman period if you're a man who likes to wear dresses that's fine you look wonderful. Great the crabbiest. The dresses beautiful. You're still a man. The lipstick as grade. You still a man they wanna make it about feeling like no gender is choices like no. It's not it's biological. You are a man or you are woman. If you are intersex then you are whatever Syndrome accident of birth or deformity. You may have had which is also fine yet. Okay freed like you know. Be hermaphrodites or be x. x. y. or whatever the case may be you're just not a man or woman that's not. What makes you manner if you wanna pay them money to change yourself. You can do whatever you want with your body and money you know. Do whatever you i. it's on you you. it's it doesn't change the fact that we're still a man who had their genitals mutilated. And i i'm one of. I'm more of that guy. That i take it to the sports aspect to where i don't wanna see you fighting in a women's boxing match when you were born guy all my life. I don't give a fuck. I got money on. His shoulder is a man or a male. you are gonna dominant that sport. Because the way your skeleton formed your muscles formed is different. You are just bigger and stronger. That's period so i we've we've Where would that compensate. They also talked about Suicide that i thought it was interesting conversation but to me and i can say you do what you all. You are whatever. But i i'm not gonna be one is going to sit there and understand it and maybe not supposed to i guess maybe i. Yeah yeah maybe maybe. Maybe it's the pandering maybe finally wrestling empire for you guys. I've been telling you guys are the longest I know about it for some time. When it was on the mobile it was a wrestling revolution wrestling three d i. It had different bog nations. The first one was as a wrestler and they had to where you were a promoter dat and then now it's moved to switch and played painted it on a switch and i'm fucking a loving. It's so fun is it's crazy my first run on career. I had a short time there. Because i couldn't i can. I can reach the accomplishments to promoters wanted me to do so. I had to retire so now i'm starting again and it's crazy because they'll tell you that You're getting overweight or are certain wrestlers are exceeding morning making more money than you get more more career than actually. It's so in depth is it's ridiculous it's fucking. I get upset about how matches go. Because i wish there controls were a little bit better but when you get with the.

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