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Welcome along. Everyone to emmer and tom talk teaching. And we have a special guest. A friend of the podcast as we've called her before he was back. And i'd like to extend a very warm podcast. Welcome to dr judith. Name tuxedos name how you doing under fine thank. You is very good to be back here ago. i mean. should. I acknowledge that you've got an extra special large grin on your face out whether might want to disclose where that grin is coming from. I didn't realize i was going around with a grin on my face. But i am. I am about to take early retirement. I at that that little bit of early on there as well. It's very so we we have to confess that we are capitalizing on the final days. That you have with us on the program of cardiff matt tonight. Probably she should tell listeners that we are recording now at the beginning of july twenty. Twenty one. so we've nap to judith. Because you've got your speaking to us with your subject hat on today. And you've you've given us some really interesting episodes based on your research into the expressive arts area of learning experience in working with pioneers and fascinating stuff. But i wonder a you. A you in your kind of comfortable homely place now talking to us about your your research within the discipline of secondary english the year definitely. I have done some really interesting research over the past couple of years in particular but this is the one. That's i feel most comfortable with and the warm weather. I i probably feel most strongly about as well because it's it's something that's very important to me. So yeah well. We really looking forward to getting t- when the details on this and it's worth mentioning that you were principal investigator for this research project but before you tell us A what you wanted to investigate. I would imagine you're probably gonna want to acknowledge that you are part of a bigger team on this. Yes i have had an informal network for a number of years with other coarsely does other. It course leaders and so from exeter university bristol..

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