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866 90 right? He has a record. And I'm Gerry McNamara. Thanks so much for being here this morning. Good morning, everybody. I want to play this from Friday Friday, Jim Jordan and Dr Fauci. Okay, All right, here we go back for five minutes. Mr Jordan. Think Mr Chairman, Dr Fatty do protest increased the spread of the virus. The protest increased the spread of the virus. I think I could make a general statement or half a 1,000,000 protesters on June 6 alone. I'm just asking that number of people doesn't increase to spread the virus crap crowding. Together, particularly when you're not wearing a mast contributes to the spread of the virus should be limit. The protesting I'm not sure what you mean should How do we say limit the protesting the government limit the protesting I don't think that's relevant to. Well, you just said if it increases the spread of the virus, I'm just asking should be limited. Well, I'm not in a position to determine what the government could do in a forceful way. Where you make all kinds of recommendations made comments on dating on baseball and everything you can imagine. I'm just asking. You just said protest increased to spread. I'm just asking. Should we try to limit the prod? Now? I think I would leave that to people who have more of a position to do that. I can tell you government stopped people from going to church Doctor Falke. Last week in the Calvary Chapel Case. Five liberals on the Supreme Court said it was okay for Nevada to limit church services. I mean, justice, Gorsuch said it best, he said. There's no there's no world in which the Constitution permission of added a favor Caesar's palace over Calvary Chapel I'm just asking. Is there a world where the Constitution says you can favor one First Amendment Liberty? Protesting over another practicing your faith. I'm not favoring anybody over anybody. I'm just making a statement..

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