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Great. yeah that yeah there. I wrote a one of the parks in rochester. That i haven't written for awhile and it's It was you know so so. It was one of the first parts. Rochester that i put trails in before charlie trie in some others took it over instead of making them legit trails rather than just following deer trails through there but The kids got out there and the city seems to be okay with it and throwing in a couple of jumps over ravines and they've got some some lumber features to play on and A small table top that they made into a giant table top. And it's very well done and it's really fun to ride in this kind of spooky break. I'm gonna put a picture of might coaster brake situation in the show notes. But i have one of You know super fide. Shimono ones and i must have done something a little bit. Like i didn't tighten up the the The the strap that holds the torque arm. 'cause oh it bent all but everybody wants to get on that bike and they just mash hard car on it of course so it. Just it turned into this pretzel. Which i was like and Press because the frame. It's on doesn't have like a actually. I probably should have a dedicated. Mount welded welded onto it. So it doesn't do that ever again. Oil boy it was Yeah the shape we'll see is something you're like. What the hell happened there. I arrived at the show just came out holding a going like this is not what anything should look like well and i'm not exactly sure i can't you know our local supplier doesn't have the part because twenty twenty four and all that so i had to bash it on the vice and trying to smash back into shape. I think it will work again but I i don't know taivon scott because there's a lot of things going on because the hub is normally at one twenty. But i gotta one thirty five so it has some space or so there's more leverage and there's a little pin that goes there's all sorts of with it but maybe the whole thing here is i should just I don't know if we can three d. print one of those. That'd be kind of cool just with the right bent printer. Yeah to get right over to write our to the chain stay. So it's in the right spot. So i don't need the extra length of levering it and all that stuff so but anyway yeah when you see what the hell is that. That's a pretzel. It's a pretzel break. Those are it's a new thing. Mine has not stopped hauling in. I make mine makes i lock it up on some of the like for like last night he was going with these little jumps for the hairpin. Turn right away and it just sounds angry with me. It's making spoke topping noises. That are not coming from the spoke. I don't know how much longer house gonna hold up but we'll see because this is this on your state bike. Yeah yeah i. It's all waiting for my five to show up. I'm super excited. Because it's gonna be very soon. I was gonna say give you. They did they did kind of give you to date right. Yeah sometime like early july. So it's not that far away and i'm like well we're gonna have some fun with those bikes and you're getting a stock black ones. Yeah i'm getting five of those. And i'm not even sure i'm going to sell an angry. Just gonna beat on them and have fun with them at least for a while. i have being. i'm still debating getting one of the the Grateful dead ones to cool like not to have. That's right up. Jake as ally malone shit no shit you can get the saddle if nothing else to no. I'm not no i'm not. i'm just. I just had that same paint idea. A in a moment of awesome stone clarity. Did we already spike in in powder coat and beautiful. Hot rod colors. I gotta look back with the names because it was like cosmic blue and yeah Sexy names labs matters matic and paint erc. I spend my vacation like coming up with like different. You know patterns or whatever and it was ob. I'm assuming we'll bring it over at least a couple for steelers as wheel steel alloy a some smart aleck wants to call stealers wheel now instead of steel israel and like. Don't try to hijack my wife calls it. Every time i mention it. She's a clever one. Two steelers oh yeah. Yeah no. She's hearing right Here's a question. For ron chewy. Ron chew raunchy. Ron john. Ryan ron ron ron jeremy tschumi rod the bomb and the bomb the baltimore. The bang bang bang on. So have you seen Sealy dave's new website yet. No i have to look at it. I i did. Listen to his podcast I was starting to wonder if this show is just a bet. Show you guys to get gators brag about wisconsin this wisconsin. That and i'm like i making my ears bleed a little bit but Mountain bike team over there. And you run around with it for minnesota. Because i guess he got nothing over there to ride so i'm not sure thing is is you. Do you do realize that. Dj has already been running a sand race for five years in tucson. Well that's a good thing. San races are great and by by cranky the sand up there in the bayfield peninsula. Is it sand. It's not like gravel with a little bit of sand in there. This is like beach. It's it's sweet to know the pictures. I saw it looks it. Looks like a stuffed runs which is which is dry riverbed on that's on that looks exactly the same superfine all very very hard. Yeah it doesn't pack. You're right exactly and it's all torn up by atv's too because the majority of the races on atv trails. And he's so it's one hundred. The it'll be one hundred mile epoch links race blah blah blah hurt to be fair to be fair to mr sch lebowski because i really like his site in fact i don't know how he does it but everything he does looks really good and he writes really well. There's a really great pictures but it's called life above eight and that's e. g. h. T. eight not the number eight yet. Although he's trying to get that but highway it goes across the state of wisconsin. And once you're above eight. You're really up north. You're not up. North isn't wausau up north. isn't you. Know a bunch of other places that when people come from chicago or milwaukee they go. We're going up north. It's like now unless you're above highway. You're not up north yet. So i would check it out. Life above eight dot com and. He's it it just so clean. it's a great site. I'm i'm kind of jealous. I always make my.

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