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Approved by the mortgage experts team hockberg just search T R A F F, I X Chicago Morlock WGN traffic central forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center because of those strong Windsors lakeshore flood advisory until one o'clock tomorrow morning. The son is returning blustery today. A high of fifty one degrees clearing up tonight, a low thirty nine and then for the weekend sunny tomorrow, breezy, high sixty two partly to mostly sunny on Sunday and high of seventy five wins right now are as I said it'll hair north at thirty three miles an hours forty eight degrees at O'Hare forty six at midway and forty one degrees at Chicago's lakefront. I just saw that. Anthony Russo is betting one fifty nine. That's that's less than the wind gusts right now at Wrigley field. Rozelle Bryant Schwarzie not good good for the moment that God for that discount. So guy or whoever who is he, but he. He seems to know what he's doing out there. I'm Steve Bertrand in these are the stories that matter on seven twenty WGN, by the way. So it's forty one at the lake forty eight at O'Hare something like that. Yeah. Right forties. Pretty solid. What is the average temperature this danger cog? Oh, please. According to whether spark for April nineteenth, forty six to fifty four degrees Fahrenheit is the average high temperature. So we're in the normal range. I don't like that one bed. Can I get a better and kickin you go somewhere else? Besides weather spark looking for something better than that. This. Okay. John. Thank you. I just feel like we're being cheated here, by the way, speaking of the scrubs. What were you reading there? Lauren lap. So.

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