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And apparently, it was like a kick ass party. It sounds great. The only people who weren't they were like him in a couple of his friends. Good like this family. Yep. He's dick love that. So real uplifting story next eight New Jersey woman. Oh, this is a nice uplifting story. A New Jersey woman was arrested after forty four dogs were found dead in her freezer. I'm offering because it's upsetting. I'm so glad putty is not here to hear this. I'll make sure I tell him next time. I see it. There was. Yeah. This woman her she had a bunch of dead dogs, stuffed in plastic bags and stored in freezers at her home because they were all once alive and her pets and she loved them and keep them around. And I think she I mean, also I should add there were a hundred and thirty alive dogs, so many bad faith. Percentage wise, she was doing. All right. Most of them were alive and living in deplorable conditions and had to be taken to like. Yeah. Emergency rooms all of them. Then you're going to be this woman. Yeah. Just throw your dog away. You know? And finally Japanese man, I guess this is an uplifting story. Relative to the last one a Japanese man has married a holographic sixteen year old girl. He's been in love with for years at a ceremony in Tokyo, statutory. I mean to that. I think it she's like perpetually sixteen. I dunno basically tuck situation. Sure, sure. Sure. Sure. This man, he's a thirty five year old school administrator upsetting. He married had soon. Emeco a virtual singer with saucer eyes and long blue pigtails at a ceremony in front of forty guests. None of whom we're his family because they refuse to attend. He said I've always been in love with me croissant. I'd never cheated on her. I've been thinking about her every day. Honestly, I just wanna man to say that about me one day. That's all I'm asking for got beautiful saucer is he married a physical representation of her as a stuffed doll. But she is basically a hot soon Emeco is like recognizable character in Japanese pop culture. She's featured as like a singer at live concerts as an animated projection and is now marketed as a virtual home anime companion. Oh. Alexa. Yeah. Basically, it's like an elaborate tomah Gottschee meets Alexa. Yeah. That you can like Mary if you want the company behind it like issues, quote, unquote, air quotes, they issue like marriage certificates. Oh, so they encourage this. Yeah. Marrying your life to the brand. Also, I guess it it like you can I don't know if it comes with this. But there's like a two thousand eight hundred dollar desktop device that it like lives in it's a moving talking hologram. So high Pat on wheels I'm picturing like the floating face from like Power Rangers. It's that like in a tube. But Alexa, atomic Gottschee and a floating face from Power Rangers. And also you can fuck it. What else? Do you need riff your imagination? Also, she's a sixteen year old girl, you probably shouldn't the company has issued more than thirty seven hundred certificates for quote crossed. I mentioned marriages and the newlywed said he hopes his story will help others come forward who may be tuition named to affirm their love for a hologram. This man is the Martin Luther King of robot human relations. He broke the glass ceiling. On this. That's it for this week throws things. I maxed we got a deep dive about pilgrim's Hettie. Oh. Buckle. Thanksgiving Turkey, deep dive Jeep Jeep. Jeep dot de..

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