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And radio on tune in next our Media group station. 51 degrees at one o'clock. Good morning. I'm David Jennings. Indiana looks like it's fighting an uphill battle with Kobe at 19, wg and traffic on the express ways until ways to construction issues. Inbound. Kennedy Express lanes closed until 5 a.m. the Ike if you are outbound, the roadwork closes the exit to the outbound Kennedy also until 5 a.m.. Indiana is seeing some troubling signs when it comes to Koba nine. Team WG ends Lauren Latka, the number of Corona virus patients in Indiana hospitals grew over the weekend to the highest level in nearly five months. As of Sunday, more than 1200 Koven 19 patients were in the hospital, marking the eighth straight day topping 1000 hospitalizations have increased nearly 65% since September. 19th. Just before Governor Eric Holcomb lifted nearly all of Indiana's restrictions on businesses and crowd sizes. Six more deaths were added today, bringing in the states total to 3795. Lauren Latka, WG and News in Griffith killed. It has reached the town's hall door, and several businesses in town had to close their doors for disinfection after employees and customers tested positive for co bit among the businesses, John's place. All of them had to close Tradition faction after those again, customers and employees reported positive test results. David Die owns John's place. The owner colleagues Told you gilded rule out and I actually got ruled them out. Even if I had no symptoms or anything. I didn't have a clue that I was going to be caused by the name of those businesses.

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