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Creeps. We get something. That's which is up at the end of this book which I'm assuming we'll talk. We'll go deep is pretty unusual for have very rarely happens. We sort of wears order. One instant basically I. It was weird I was like. Oh are we going to find out what goes through. Honey's mind we really. It's not even the full chapter after it's still starts out with Becca and then it it's just the last half There's Rita's the stairs. Tristesse cross when when we last left off there was a sickening crack. That's right next Chapter Chapter Twenty three a Frightening Silent Knight. Everyone seemed to freeze as if caught in a snapshot. Shot a snapshot of Horror. The fire popped noisily in the fireplace. Someone screamed the room came back to life. Becker was one of the first to scramble across the room to Trish. Trish had landed face down her chest on top of the cake the dark icing and cream filling. Excuse me the dark icing and cream filling had splattered bladder out across the floor. Chris didn't move her eyes were closed. Her head was tilted at a pick Yulia Angle. What immediately lately falls into something worse later I think falls is very frustrating? which is one honey? No ooh king gas here. This tristesse head. It was tilted wrong. It shouldn't be bent like that. Yeah that's the other part. So like there's.

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