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Eighty eight ten Keith in Menlo Park. Keith you're on KGHM with Ethan Bearman and Adam Copeland on the late seventies. I had the opportunity I live next to a gentleman who had connections with the Lurie's. And we went down the game God controlling the clubhouse, which is really cool while I was there. I shook his hand Willie's hand. And he was very gracious. Very nice guy, quite a large guy big presence, physically and Devonport. The trainer gave me one of his hats out of the training box to box of old hats, they would wear when they were training. Still have that sitting in my display case. Between him and Willie Mays. Good memory. Yeah. That's beautiful, man. I the first time to go down and get into the dugout with you the team that you love is such a wild experience. I'll never forget the first time. I did that back home with the twins. It was like, it's it's like hallowed ground. Be wait. This is where they sit there. And wait is you know, it's really really special, and you think about where baseball was at the time that he came up, right? The color barrier had been broken twelve years before you have a whole generation of west coast fans who if you were born the year Jackie an African American Chater Eddie was born the year. Jackie Robinson, broke the color barrier. And forty-seven twelve years old when Willie McCovey came up. This was right in the prime of your childhood in having a hero and a team to look to look up to and to admire and Willie McCovey was this bigger than life guy. He was San Francisco's most beloved athlete. I think all time you get Joe Montana. You get your your Steph Currys and your Barry Bonds and these guys who were legends. But then you get this guy. Who was almost a cartoon? Character a mythical character a walking monument in this age that there weren't many guys. Like him. Yeah. Absolutely. A little Paul Bunyan asking I wanna take one more quick call here. Emma in Sacramento, Emma, you're on Keijo eight ten with Ethan Bearman and Adam Copeland. I lived in south San Francisco, and I was a child and I remember being a third fourth grade with a few fans going to Candlestick Park. And we'd be yelling at Willie Willie Willie McCovey, you know, they would turn around away to ask asleep Yellowstone loud. And I don't feel good memory. That's beautiful. Thanks so much for ringing in and sharing with us. I I love I love to hear that. It's always fun to be acknowledged. Right. I mean, that's as a fan. We that that superstar just acknowledged even my existence. I know that feels so that's amazing. Ethan, I get like this to like these are the big baseball men when you're a kid, right? And then you get to the point where you surpassed them in age. And you're still fans you forget like I'm older than these guys. I'm not getting they're not these big baseball men anymore, but Willie McCovey had that smile, and I think that warmth, and even if you didn't see him play, I think what we're taking away here. And we've got a couple of callers who did get to see him play. But guys like myself guys like you people who didn't get that opportunity. I think I think we're really finding out the kind of impact he had on on our loved ones, which is why we're celebrating him today. I love it. I can't thank you enough. Adam Copeland hosted the leadoff spot on our sister station. Camby are really appreciate you coming in. And Sharon memories of Willie McCovey with us anytime. Thanks for having me. I really appreciate it. Adam again, he's hosted the leadoff spot on our sister station K. M b are really appreciate his time. By the way, let's shift gears just a little bit here. Nancy Pelosi said something we got the mid terms coming up. What does out at five five days away? Now that five days away is the midterms is Tuesday. November six Nancy Pelosi says stick to the script healthcare for the Democrats. You think she's right for one five eight hundred eighty eight ten.

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