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More Orleans lineups subjective. Of course, like just your favorite Marlins. Not what you think is the best lay them out. What you think is the best because we could all put even though ugly versus Louis Casio who's the best. What are you doing subjective? Because my favorite catcher John Baker deal with it mines, Bob Natal's. On NATO, and it's either Pudeur Benita guess who centerfield Hudson, Wisconsin. I don't like the way Mike playing. This aren't I. Felt so bad for Mexico because it was a great moment for him. But I was really sad for him. So like the last game in pro player stadium. They did like they welcome back like all the Marlins, and they did like this reunion, and then they named like based on fan voting like the all time Marlin team ever, and it was based on fan voting, and they voted Amezaga like best favourite utility player. Whatever at when they gave him like his trophy, or whatever it is. They were handing out he was like crying. And he was so thankful to the fans. And I was like he was he was the best Marlins utility player every played every. Now that was Mike Mordecai. I saw him. A good one. Remember that bomb that might be Mordecai hit that that today's one he destroyed the comes the whole Bordman thing. Medic Mike Mordecai came against that giant Kyle Farnsworth throwing a hundred seventy miles hit it off the Ivy league. And Chicago Benca losers are saying we just lost a Mike mortar, cotton's Bartman, Ivy league Brad banks. Didn't right Brian, right? Yeah. You guys are completely ignoring Lenny Harris. Remember, Lenny Harris, right? I do. And like he's he's good. I like Leno. He's the best stand. He's not. He's the best. He He said. said. Over the good. But we talk to your best. Are we talking to the greatest of all times, stop it stands here and argue with sitting it out get in here and argue back. In these deals in. It's not like they're tradition is that long or that. Great. So this isn't that hard. Okay. It's really it's really not that hard. You got Pudge behind the plate. You've got. With them. Great. Then you got Derek Lee at first base. Take that whole I'm gonna I'm biased, but I'm going to take that whole. Two thousand and three and then they'll take the whole infield. Okay. All Gonzales Cass, THEO. Breed. You gotta go rent. No Hanno Hanley's the shortstop. Wow. What you're right. You gotta go with Hanley shortstop. That's a good call and Mike. I have love. Oh, my God Alice a magician out there. It was a crime that he never wanna go glove for this. It was just Marlins bias because the league I'm telling you hates the mind the tiny Brown guy who played second base. I'm forgetting the name. He did it for like a year and a half tiny small medium Bonifazio bears. Center fuel v o was a kill VO kill veal trade it to the pod. You remember what you know about kill? You said, you know, anything about Kalia Veras. But you don't know. Why are we talking about guys like this? If we're talking about the greatest Marlins because he's up there. Clearly Lewis cats like career leaders are you anymore? Simple Lenny.

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