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Now i get lots of people contact me and say my son. Whatever is a great fan of yours this birthday and if you just say low to me be delighted you know what the heck takes me five minutes. I send them a video. And i wouldn't dream charging for that so the idea of then doing that. That's kind of job you get paid for. It is like no well see that it feels like a thing you would do during the coronavirus. If you're working as an actor or at the end of your career if if you get anywhere or you decide you want to stay home. I had the same thing. And i do the same thing as you and the bad thing to admit it. Jackie now people will send you request. So i just say i'll do it if you'd like to give some money to charity and i feel it. It does this apartment. The probably well you could do it. You can do all for charity. You could officially for charity money but then it also is exactly. That's the amount of time taken up to. But i feel like for you. It's going to be this. Little burst of everyone wants to for a while and you could do quite well out of doing a few base. There must be accomplished advert. Hasn't appetizing people come say can you. Nobody has to advertise. But that just seems obvious. That just seems like pizza or whatever that who would pizza hut do they do. Those footballers footballers there get you and the other guys on but it just seems like a shoe in for something like that and so if i was going to advertise somebody. What do you think have been apart pizza. That'd be. I think that would be good. I think you need class. Somebody very classy wondering why. Because they're the kind of people take they take a current and put it in an advocate. That's why that's why that they often something topical and light. Mikhail gorbachev did pizza ever so they go. That's that's what i'm talking about. I think you could advertise. Everything could do. Just the whole authority thing is anything with where they can do. Sketch basically the line of gt thing is like an advert for the brit awards or whatever it that's all it would be zoom meeting where you're in charge and you and then you and i have the authority to say tampax a really good Tampons that's about as i can remember that we have to keep it. Real has been a year or two. But you're allowed to lie in so you're allowed to lie. You see that bothers me. I mean when when we see people who advertise products like financial problems. You're not really sure. Those financial products are really the best thing for those individuals. That worries me other. That's nothing is very for a long time. I wouldn't i don't really do adverse outside of the cost but i think the podcast industry revolt so much around. That's the way the model works with patriots. The you can get people to china version of as well but in order to make it work..

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