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Consistently they're referred to as the best ownership group in sports and I would tell you this they're special people people their commitment to the kingdom. They're committed to our fans. Their commitment to this city is unmatched and I want to speak on behalf of all of us when I say thank you for the opportunity for every player coach an executive at every fan to live a dream because we live dream. Thank you doc. I'M GONNA end with this the Andy to Brett Clark. I love you guys now. We've we've been through a lot together and we're talking this week and the week before about everything we had to do to get ready for Super Bowl and a wreck back to two thousand and thirteen within the United Center office and we said if we if the three of us the four of us just do our jobs we can have a lasting impact on this community. We can change lives and making Kansas City. A better place to live for the four of US fellas. We did the chiefs president. Mark Donovan thoughtful. Celebratory we've also heard from Clark hunt the owner as we await the players and the coaches to take stage just joyous day there in Kansas City. John Fox Jeremy Fowler. I'm Diane Rossini. Thanks so much for check it out N._F._l.. Woo Woo back right here at one thirty eastern tomorrow..

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