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Courage. From Mark Levin, weeknights nine to midnight. Stay informed all day every day on news talk 11 30 w, a usn and WR NW HD to Milwaukee and I Heart radio station. Good afternoon. I'm Dave Michaels. It's official. Former Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is running for the Republican nomination to take on Tony Evers. Next year. He may shut down our schools, He may shut down our economy. He may shut down our churches, but today we begin to shut down Tony Evers. Others have been considering a bid include lobbyist Bilma, Carson. And former U S. Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson. Milwaukee County Sheriff Fornell Lucas announced he plans to run for mayor of Milwaukee. If and when Tom Barrett is confirmed as the new ambassador of Luxembourg, Milwaukee Common Council President Cavalier Johnson will assume the role of acting mayor. The Common Council will then decide the date of a special election. With that person serving out the remainder of Barrett's term. A state patrol pursuit ended in a deadly crash last night near State Fair Park. Here's Fox six is Carl Defenbaugh State Patrol. We're pursuing a 26 year old Milwaukee man on I 94 just before 7 30 last night. The chase ended when the suspect crash near the eastbound I 94 rampant South 70th Street. He died at that scene. The four o'clock business report brought to you by the good feed store. The Dow was down today. 151 points. The NASDAQ fell 24 while the S and P lost 18 checking the sizzle. Health sports scoreboard The NFL regular season kicks off tonight. It's the Buccaneers and Cowboys. The Packers play the Saints on Sunday. From the Orthopedic Associates of Wisconsin. W.

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