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Tackle bro. come out. That's how it was back in the days which you and your social media nude rob man. I forgot this doozy. I've forgot you intro flagging fuck forgot that in good tonight. That's good no good for your first of all congratulations monday. I'm happy to see you back in the building. You cover covering life. I doing what you gotta do dog. You're living the dream man living a dream. Did you going to be doing like. When did you start doing this by the way thousand eleven ten the the first show that i heard from your two thousand seventeen. The first time i talked to a whole show was when you had the after. Show for danny garcia vs keith. Does visit show was dan's arrives. That was the first time outside his three hour. So eventually hitting me on the truth wrote you'll let me ask you something broke last last night. Fight wouldn't wouldn't some as you mean talk about. You are hardcore. Fans will do a hardcore fan. I gotta give it to you. But why but why but why you never did on history. Like i'm asking you to do jack johnson an essay but wait never went back to the sugar eight nine days but this is a sport that you passionate about. He never watched the documentary musician there because they all need the sun. The same reason. Mario spoiled people mad at trillo for hiring the seventy seven year. Old man did they thing and that's cool. We got dudes right now doing anything to deserve. The sean lewis aries. Just be jared her in in a fight that that he needs. He needs to be being talked about more than he is. But it's not. It's just i'll just be like jerry. Her was a unified. Like do you ever have a nuts. I understand what you're saying you right. Today's find the you absolutely right book you personally you as well. I don't have the time. I can't i can't cover this era and also go back and cover that era and also take care of my family is just too much. I don't got time for them. No not i d spy. These fighters are doing the same thing if not greater every time they do it i it. That'd be busy. Could be going through two three four our episode. Sometimes i know though that'd be doing sixteen hour shifts at my job began. We do the fucking days mo- lot but what i'm saying is i understand is difficult but you did. You did a show one time on the documentary of ali. You did a show about the george foreman documentary her. She said i'm not saying making so about them. On your spent time like dogs. You gotta you need to watch the hector camacho documents. Show tom right now. They gotta sit on showtime about the four kings right. There's a four part episode thing going on right now. I never heard my on my four accuses tank. Don't do that. Let me let me education right now. Every generation has always been four kings and never measured up back in the nineties before kids. Input you on. I remember back in the days. That's what that's how i'm old house. You always enough i could. I'm forty one. So i know you went that far apart from my nigga back in the nineties. They were talking about keynote aston villa. I called say they will call them the full as great as those guys worth. They never lived up to it. They know fighting trump. And it wasn't like in today you got l. Spent sarah crawford. He's done and i'm not gonna throw man commanded generation before guys. I'm gonna throw sean whatever they'll for each other but it's still not sustain dogs the fourcade money. We don't roberta's do it's something we might not ever see again for a long time to me right now. Eighty minutes thankful but it don't matter to me what they done. It's not like i'm not into telling the dude. Yo you like lamborghinis but you really need to get into muscle cars. Because that's where it all started before lamborghini of existed. Whoever ford invented the mustache nobody gives a fuck november. No i'm not stopping. I'm not stopping. Because i'm not this type with do that's going to give you a fantasy fight. Always pick the old do. I don't do that. I almost got into a fight with a coworker could actually told them that. Danny garcia one forty beats china's senior at one forty and we'll move down to a fight behind the mexican. Do you say that. This child has come forward five the jeff suicide against danny. That's my thousand faces me. You'll co worker. I'm just saying no. No no no no nothing. I'm gonna tell you. The two thousand five thousand makes spice ended date. Chivers was comfort which by the halava fight a legend in my opinion number two. But danny's some people pay a body work crazy eight. Take us down a history lesson every people be paying counter-punches for that i'd be trying not to be cut him in the middle of his sons now but at the same time you do gotta watch. The kings documentary is really good. It's on showtime. that's what i'm saying. This is exactly why. Jake paul and logan or so popular because you think they fan base talking about go watch the fucking people on black and white yacht tong haney why no by saying hainian is in his free agency trip in man fuck all that seventy s should care about sitting on death sitting on move no needle right now no needle but it's it when you learn about that it helps you understand what's going on today dole grow. I swear to god the way. They're talking about the way that they are talking on the episode this first episode about leonard hearns easy. Exactly what spence in crawford is going through right now going through right nat go watch it you know. What is it you talked about. What act get conversions to this documentary. Won't you these. So they talked about the history of of boxing and how the heavyweights and then there was a law. After ali here comes. Leonard the golden boy right and that's represented by spence who won the gold medal. Who put boxing on his back and he he was this target and he was just you know everybody loved him. But then you had this hard worker. Who just wanted to fight. Keep his head down. He didn't wanna be a star. That was that was hearns and hearns would never get the fight. You know stewart was saying a million times. And they're not gonna fight us did not going to. They don't wanna fight is because the fight wasn't ready that emanuel steward said it perfectly. He said everyone's dying to see the fight in this comparison. I mean is the fucking chinni one. Who's the who's the fucking sin anyone in this era so listen to me. I don't need to go back to find out who's crawford and who's earl first of all they need the each other because those dudes go madam site the fight is that a fight and shit hold on ness..

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