Tommy Lee, Jimmy Chantal, Islanders discussed on Devils at Winnipeg


The board the tommy lee our was very successful and now it's over pesky doves and the pesky winnipeg jets one of peg were they had summer for three days every year i think it's the seventy eight the knife has their summit august seventy night and then expect a winter back as we like to call it i saw when we met sally with the jimmy chantal does the head coach larry brooks that's how long ago i was a doubles play by play my so we look forward to that uh big 250 and we've got the islanders tonight at seven i'll be on and between games as well but 'till they will take your phone calls and we go to our friend dominic who's in east rochester at georgia saw the fat dominic grace shower argued what's up kid very interesting congratulations mr congratulations i know i'm only get together sorry that was gps congratulations in holding it together waiting to kid calls and said the choice juraj didn't have any experience all you get all the ad was uh uh you know uh uh the area manager two year now granted it was only one year and let me tell you a year baseball is pretty big dominic it's a lot of situations over a year the anyway uh and then we'll have a kid because of that you add the you know the heated discussion with you know he he he didn't give a bunch you good examples but the crush we don't to go after action we we hear job you know they'll sport exert i'm with christian i'm a jewish being guy of course and i'm also a gerardy guy and i have a move you agree with me or not but the best guy for this job what all is true and around the media's joe girardi you know bust there that you know they they sell listen chris i ain't going this sounds a little preposterous but you are and i could probably manage this being dogged seventy where i mean really i'll hardwood have beat up put these he's out sears gets in the balls and you know go at it the thing is getting other twenty wins that you where you.

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