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A great question Jesse David Fox Rebecca. Fuck Lajolla podcast. This is David Walker. I am joined by the alcoholic himself. Dave Chote and we're talking about his time as a writer or covering the Falcons. His background how it became a Fan Dave. You've talked about Jessie Tuggle. Being your all time favorite Julio Jones being your current active favorite player Who are your top three. I'm GonNa pin you down. It's gotta be just three. Who would be three falcons players that you would say are the ones that if you were going to get posters and put them on the wall of your bedroom as a teenager. Dave choke who those three guys and the teenage show. Well that's You know I had hair. I was feeling good about myself. You know. All my life was before me But I would say Julio Jones I would say Jessie Tuggle and I would say Michael Vick and again you know I. I will always respect that. Not everyone loves Michael Vick for the way the career ended there and you know some of the things that he admitted about His attention to detail. When he was with the Falcons but that guy was just amazingly electric and I did have posters of him and figurines of him all over My best friend when I was a teenager so to me he will always be one of those guys to just you know. It didn't pan out the way we wanted it to but there were some fantastic moments and he'll always be a favorite the I forget which version of Madden it was where he was. Basically a running cheat code in the game in four I've been playing madden woods. My best friend growing up was a bills fan of all things. So there's something in the water near us Madden Within Two thousand nine hundred ninety nine something like that. And the only time I've consistently beaten hemmed is when I had vic in two thousand four because that's just nothing you can do against him and I just toy with him. I'd run up and down the sideline and I miss that a lot. Yeah he and honestly video.

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