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Support comes from our twenty nineteen lead sponsor of how I build this campaign, monitor in Email marketing platform with mobile friendly, Email templates, a dragon drop Email builder in customs support seven days a week more it campaign, monitor dot com. Make your emails unforgettable. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the US house is preparing a legal challenge to President Trump's national emergency declaration as NPR's. Kelsey Snell reports lawmakers hope to stop Trump from using the emergency to divert funding to pay for his promise border wall. Pelosi says a bipartisan legal advocacy group voted to authorize the lawsuit challenging Trump's emergency declaration. She says using money that was already allocated to other programs to fund the wall construction, violates the appropriations clause of the constitution. The decision comes less than one month after Trump vetoed. Bipartisan move to block the emergency declaration from going into effect. Congress has the sole right onto the constitution to determine how federal money is spent Democrats say Trump willfully ignored Congress's funding decisions. Some Republicans say the president has the authority to decide what constitutes an emergency. And how to fund it? Kelsey snell. NPR news the capitol. Attorney general William bars defending his handling of special counsel's report on the Russia investigation. Barr says the document contain sensitive grand jury material that prevents it from being immediately released Democrats say his four page summary is unacceptable. Boeing says it is still working on a software update to prevent unintended at division of the automated system on it's seven thirty seven max planes CEO Dennis Muilenburg promises that the system is faulty sensor will be fixed. It's our responsibility to eliminate this risk we own it. And we know how to do it Mullen Berg responding to a report finding that the pilots involved in last month's Ethiopian Airlines crash had followed procedure the report found that the pilots still could not stop the plane from nosediving. It was the sex max plane crash in less than six months prompting a grounding of the planes worldwide just days after reaching. A two hundred seventy million dollar settlement. With Oxycontin, maker Purdue pharma, Oklahoma is dropping most of its claims against other opioid makers. But Jackie forty eight reports from Norman that the state is also seeking a non jury trial. The state has dismissed claims that included fraud and unjust enrichment against three drug companies that leaves just a public nuisance claim against drug makers who the state alleges helped ignite the opioid crisis with aggressive marketing. Oklahoma attorney general Mike hunter says the move refocuses. The case there's no jury requirement with regard to public nuisance claim we also think that simplifies dramatically our building folks on the trials supposed to be dragged into court every few days with motions by the defendants. It will be up to the judge to decide whether to grant the request for a bench trial. This lawsuit is poised to be the first of its kind to play out in court trial is set to begin may twenty eighth for NPR news, I'm Jacky forte in Norman, Oklahoma. This is NPR news. President Trump is tapping businessman Herman Cain to fill a vacancy on the Federal Reserve Board. Cain was CEO of Godfather's pizza, but may be best known for proposing a flax Platt tax rate of nine percent when he ran for president two thousand twelve he dropped out of that race in wake of sexual misconduct allegations, which he denied pope Francis has named Atlanta archbishop Wilton, Gregory to lead the Washington archdiocese NPR's, Tom gjelten reports that Gregory is a well known and highly regarded figure in the US Catholic church. The DC archdiocese has been at the center of the clergy abuse scandal archbishop Gregory's predecessor here. Karnal Donald world resigned over charges. He wants covered up for abusive, priests world's predecessor Theodore mckarrick was defrocked last year in response to charges. He wants abused seminarians. I want to offer you hope I will rebuild your trust. It's Bishop Gregory spoke at a news conference on the morning. His appointment was announced. We've certainly given. Our fateful lots of reasons to leave the church. I wanna provide a few reasons to stay seventy one years old, Gregory is the only living African American archbishop in the country. Tom gjelten NPR news, Washington, federal judges, urging tesla CEO Elon Musk and the skirt he's and Exchange Commission to settle their differences in a friendly manner. The SEC says musk should be held in contempt for violating a settlement on how much he can tweet about his company that dispute began last year and must tweet it that he had secured funding for tesla. Taking tesla private. This is NPR news.

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