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During the years that i was studying it He wrote the book missing time and a intruders witnessed a bunch of books. So i became very close to bud in the last maybe five years of his life or something like that and i actually helped see him through a lot of medical issues that he had and i was you know he had cancer and he had other issues and he was in hospice for few weeks at the end of his life at home and i was actually present at the moment died i was there with his daughter and his daughter's husband and myself and i do mention this in the series that it was just a very profound experience. I'd never been with somebody before at that moment. And it's it's just sort of a mind blowing. I don't know if you've ever had that experience. Alex but to be there and have this alive personal though you know. They're they're kinda going out gradually but they're still there then there suddenly just gone and it's almost surreal. You just don't get how this could possibly happen like this. How could this person just disappear. It's very hard to describe. It's like you're you're kind of very almost mystical experience. It was for me and the atmosphere in a home when somebody's in hospice in it's managed properly is very quiet. It's almost like a walk in the door. It was almost like going to church kind of environment. It was very quiet and deepen your kind of confronting. You know the real mysteries of life and so here you watch this process happen and suddenly this person is just this physical material thing was taken out in the bag you know and you just like what what is going on here. So it really. It was provocative for me and it made me want to understand what this process of death is all about. Is there something else that's going on. How could he just disappear. I don't think he did just disappear. Something else must be going on. So it's sort of a. Although i was already really interested in this stuff before i met but i studied a lot of especially in the reincarnation cases but it was really sort of a a jolt for me on some kind of gut non intellectual level to to want to understand this better. I mean like. I don't wanna see it's your experience and it shall remain your experience the way that you tell it but i can't help but see all these unbelievably incredibly Mystic people probably don't understand fully. Who budd hopkins is because you would have had to have lived through that you know i. I just interviewed and publish interview with Whitley strieber continues to be just an incredible louis. Important person is incredible. And i it's gonna show a lot. I think he's terrific. Yep you've done some. Yeah he's sent some great interviews with you on his on his dreamland show. Amazing human being so back to back but hopkins because the people who don't know if you can fill this better than i can't you know but when when put hawkins goes public with this stuff that is you. Know following up on the work of Harvard psychiatrist john mack. Who almost loses his position at harvard. Because he says. I'm just an honest scientists. And i've been interviewing these people who claim to have had an abduction experience with these e. t.'s. And i find no reason as a professional doubt anything they're saying and moreover there's a spiritual aspect of this that i can't get arms around completely and but hopkins comes along and says well what but hopkins says is get ready because i've done a bunch of these Regressions with these people and a lot of people still understand that regression is real and hypnosis really can recover memories and there can be false memories but they're also is a lot of memory recovery and that's why police departments around the world use it and you know witnesses come back..

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