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I'm sure right there. But I'm just saying in case people maybe didn't know who one day Shambo and Rogers one. It was a lot of Rogers putting They got that they played all today played modified alternative shelter and shot pretty teed off, and then they chose from there, they alternated in. I like that format for that event. I think there's a market for this, especially because it's raising money for charity, and I'm going to get different personalities and different Here's and the best part of the broadcast still is Barkley. Because they bring Charles Barkley in on it, and he obviously knows these guys quite well, so he does bring a little humor to it as well. But I mean, you have a lot of time in between shots because there's not other holes to go to our other players. So you've got to have some downtime. And Barkley is obviously one of the best analysts on on television, not even just basketball or golf, but I mean, just on television. He's very, very good. So I know And of course they hit Aaron Rodgers. What they are going to play for Green boom. I know I'd I'd have a hard time getting a shot after that one because I'd be annoyed. I mean, like, Yeah. You knew it was coming. All that question. Yeah, yeah. Is he going to play for Green Bay? What do we think? I think he is. Yeah, I think so. I think so. I think. Yeah, I think they're gonna realize they've got to give him the money. Yeah, and he's Yeah. Or it's just like, yeah, Whatever. Right. I mean, he looks 26 million or something. No, isn't and he's got to give some back if he doesn't play. I don't know that I don't know that much about that situation, but but it was fun to watch those not giving anything bang. I know that's not happening. Alright. Anyways, we digress. Yes. Before we get to break here and again assistant PJ Pro Andy Devil here from Lancaster country called going to join us in our second segment. Let's get in a couple of items. What's going Going on on the professional seen here We go to our champions to report first here brought to by Donald Ross clothing, the world's finest golf apparel, and this week it's the U. S Senior Open. So it's a big event, and it will be on NBC this weekend. If you're looking for that four round event, two rounds already in gym, Feerick's Your leader shot a 64 yesterday. Cab minus four. Only three golfers are under par. We know the U. S. Opens, you know, a tougher have had Felix at four under. Canadian Stephen Ames is a two under Miguel and Hell is at minus one. Those are the only three that are under par right now. But Feerick's 64 really impressive. It's outstanding round of golf. He knows how to go low. I mean, he's got a 59 and 58 on the PGA Tour. And U S Open champion, Of course, Olympia fields. I want to say it's where if you're IQ one, his US Open that's correct. And Stryker is not playing in this because he's playing in the John Deere Classic this week on the PGA Tour. Surprised by that, Well, that's his hometown. And I think he sponsored there, isn't he So hasn't turned here one of his sponsors for Stryker, so extreme I know the Ryder Cup is there? Yes, Some of the, uh, some of the PGA Tour events that Stryker has played in has been because he is wanting to be around guys because he has to make Captain's picks choices. But if you look at the field of the John Deere here, good segue, we can get to that now, or PGA Tour leaderboard brought to buy. Callaway Chrome soft, This ball is different and also by Puma golf shoes. You look at the John Deere leaderboard and players. There's not really a whole bunch of guys that you'd be thinking are Ryder Cup guys. A lot of them are playing over in the Scottish Open, or they're taking the week off Dan Berger. Russ Henley. I'm just saying, like, you know, these remains. Yeah, well, I mean, these are burgers Burger to me is the guy you gotta consider, Um So you know, maybe you want to look at him. Brian Harman. Um, you're saying Well, if these guys don't have a chance, Hey, These guys are really good players, so he's gonna have to make some pics and, yeah, somebody's hot at the time to and you get to see how they play on. Of course you're playing. You understand the facility better when you're playing that golf course. By the way, one of the more in Illinois Yeah. TPC Deere run. I think it's really cool. It's funny, really Cool truck. I played it this week on PGA Tour two K video game with with Jack. Okay, played it. Alright, we We like to put the volume down. We like him in that all right. We like to put we like to try to play the chorus on the video game of the week. They're playing for what Jacket like likes to search and see if it's there. So that's what we do. Yes, The 11th Hole, by the way, is the hottest hole I've ever been on in my life standing behind the 11th green It is just a boiler. There's no.

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