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I'm Rhonda Rochester, red Kavanagh's judicial independence is being questioned by former White House counsel. John dean the prediction came during testimony before the Senate Judiciary committee, if judge Cavanaugh joins the court. It will be the most presidential powers friendly court in the modern era in written remarks dean called that deeply troubling. But former deputy solicitor general Maureen Mahoney says capital has a history of being his own man repeatedly ruled against the Bush administration where he worked prior to becoming a judge in his first three years on the bench claims came on the fourth and final day of Senate confirmation hearings for capital Capitol Hill. Correspondent Wally Hindes former Trump campaign advisor, George popadopoulos telling you judge he was deeply embarrassed and ashamed for having lied with agents during an interview last year, the Trump campaign adviser who triggered the Russia investigation. Sentenced to fourteen days in prison. US government being. Sued by civil liberties advocates attorneys for the American Civil Liberties union, and it's Montana affiliate alleged law enforcement agencies have been making preparations to crack down on anticipated protests over the keystone oil pipeline. The lawsuit was filed in US district court in Missoula against the defense homeland security interior and Justice departments the groups asked the court to order the release of all documents about cooperation over the pipeline between federal state and local law enforcement and private security companies. Correspondent Jeremy house unofficial that Iraq's Bosra airport says unknown assailants fired three rockets at the airport overnight. Adding no casualties were reported. It was not clear who was behind the early Saturday morning attack. But it followed a chaotic night that saw hundreds of angry. Protesters storm and set fire to the Iranian consulate and other Iranian interests in the city of Bosra..

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