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William H Macy. Car salesmen at the center of the Fargo movie, the fellow who just can't ever get anything. Right. He gets his wife. Kidnapped drastic. It is dad. Pay for their ransom. So he can get some money out of the deal. Everything just seems to go wrong. He is married to a woman named Felicity Huffman. I didn't know her name. But some of you will. She's a I'm Toby list. Actress. She and another actress named Laurie Laughlin. Were arrested today. As parents who were involved in making these bribes to get their kids into school. Their problem is. That the college counselor who was at the center of all this deal. Has pled guilty. So one has to assume since he's not mounting a defense to what he did. And since they say, they have numerous phone conversations with some of these parents where they go over the fact that they are well aware that they're engaging in is fraud. They're in real trouble. Now. Or are they going to jail? No, they're not going to jail. They'll plead out. They'll pay more in legal defense fees, and they will fine. The children will be embarrassed forever. It'll take an incredible toll on him socially. But all in all survive. But it brings us to a bigger question. Felicity Huffman and her husband William H Macy, one of their posts was about them and Hillary was stickers on their faces. Another one about Barack Obama. The reason they supported him was because he supports women. I have found in the circles of high finance the arts. An extreme wealth. A far greater likelihood that individuals will be liberal than they will be conservative. If they're self made that is less so. If they come up through the elite universities as they're no. They're almost always leftists. And if this case is this series of cases, over forty people indicted so far. Is representative. I suspect it's going to be a bigger problem than what we've seen here. These are the folks they brought the charges against. You're gonna find. The elite universities are rife. With influences on the admissions process unrelated to what these supposed stated influences are now we've known for a very long time. That individuals get admission. Two universities above their test score based on race. National origin. And maybe some other factors. There were a series of lawsuits against Harvard that came out in the fall by the parents of Asian Americans claiming that their children were discriminated against on the basis that Harvard decided that only X number of students would be Asian American. Let's say they decided only twenty percent and even though Asians make up. Let's say two percent. They far outpace everyone. Even whites in students who score at the top of their standardized tests, and these sorts of things. I've told the story before, but it's it's a personal experience. It stuck with me for a very long time. I started at university of Texas law school in the fall of nineteen Ninety-three. And there were fifty eight. Black students in my class of five hundred. That was the year of a case of a woman who was thirty seven years old. I believe she had two students to two children. She had almost a four point. Oh grade point average, choose from California. She had a very high L set test, which is the the standardized test to get in wall school. She had a high L sat test. Almost perfect GPA, and she was a non traditional student which made her a unique student. She was a white woman. And when she found out how many students got ahead of her who didn't have extracurriculars had lower standardized tests, lower GPA's and nothing to set themselves apart from her other than their race. She brought a lawsuit. And she won the university of Texas. Lost was a bit of a black eye on the university of Texas. It was for law school admissions. But it's threatened all admissions in the state of Texas because public universities, do these sorts of things. So the next year we went from either believe it was fifty eight black students in my class to the next year. Be only five now. It doesn't take a genius to tell you that probably about fifty three of the fifty eight. Over ninety percent of the black students in my class. Would have been there because of skin color in not because of their performance. For what it's worth I've kept up with a number of black students from my law school class. And they are all at least as successful as the average perhaps above. So maybe it helps but as the loss as the criminal Justice case as the law enforcement case against these parents today with Ivy league schools and not just Ivy league schools, but some of the more exclusive schools points out this is zero sum game for every kid that gets a college scholarship to play women's soccer at Yale and the kid has never played women's soccer and doesn't play on the team there. That means someone who did who presumably deserve that scholarship won't. But I'm gonna throw open the phone lines for your reactions. I know people.

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