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Reading closer to a quarter tank well we have to do is figure out what's really in there and as long as long as you know you're not having any problems at all with leakage or anything i would fill both tanks now you can make sure you go second mortgage on the house to do that but i would fill both tanks then see what the gauges say each tank has its own individual fuel sending unit meaning that each has its own information in there what it sends the gauge and i think you're gauges are accurate i think it's the sending unit there may be a problem we won't know until you fill it up and see what it does if it if it shows full when you fill it up then drive it and see if it goes down like it's supposed to it could be just a situation where the float is stuck or a baffle inside the tank could be hitting it something like that but you gotta fill them to find out what's going on all right good start all right bob sounds good bye enjoy the truck sounds like a nice truck thirty year old thirty vehicle sounds nice thank you bye bye mike lambert from the shine shop michael good morning to you sir mortar dave how are you good sir good sir at hunt valley horsepower i assume i am and we're full i would think so little more than six cars last week and now you're full six seven hundred seven hundred or their parking everywhere they can find it fake that's great that's great and what's the weather out there you beautiful hot and sunny hot and sunny hey you know what my two favorites i don't know about anybody else i'll take hot and sunny over anything.

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