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Access the area improving park trails and rerouting road traffic accordingly peres the infrastructure that the governor is speaking of their cost the state one hundred and seventy four million dollars but former president. Obama wasn't there today. What's up with that. Well you know also strange about this. Press conference has a lot of reporters noted today was that there wasn't a whole lot of advance notice last night. Yeah an hour advance notice. Unusually you know the mayor the governor. They set their schedules the night before they let reporters know what's gonna happen. Ostensibly here perhaps to avoid protesters and as you know. It is amanda reported. There still is pushback to the obama presidential center. Perhaps the obamas don't want to be seen here while there's still some kind of opposition to this being built either by community groups wanting more benefits or by folks that don't believe it should be built in jackson park and perhaps they want to get the shovels actually shoveling some dirt before they actually show up. Maybe they don't believe it's imminent quite yet given all the delays. It's faced and it wouldn't be a spotlight politics. If we don't talk about a little bit of corruption rubia kosta senior political operative with ties to alderman ed burke and martin sandoval pleads guilty and agrees to cooperate heather. What's it cost us. Said he did. And what does it mean for burkin sandoval in about thirty seconds. Well he made the fundamental error of chicago politics. Do not lie to the fbi. That's just always a trip to Problems ville and rubio kosta is living there now what he has to share with the fence on alderman burke and other assorted elected officials. Time will only tell. But i am all ears and wait for The revelations that he is promised in return for a reduced sentence one of many reporters on the edge of their seats. Thanks to the spotlight. Politics team amanda vicky sharon and peres shuts up next a surge in demand for cardboard. How it's being felt in chicago and across the supply chain but first a look at the weather do thought we might be done with those thirty degree. Temperatures over the past year you may have noticed. Recycling bins and dumpsters overflowing with cardboard the pandemic led to a surge in demand for the product and all kinds of other shipping materials especially corrugated boxes commonly used for e-commerce items and many other goods chicago. Tonight's quinn myers recently showed us how the box boom is being felt across the region. Here's another look on an early spring morning at this south side. Recycling yard. Ken done is unloading a massive hall of cardboard and other paper products. Done runs resource center a recycling nonprofit which has served the chicago area for decades. We actually started.

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