Landen, Suzy Meister, Kidnapping discussed on The Brain Candy Podcast - EP161: Sexy Halloween Costumes, the Mad Pooper, & Our First Fight


To just revert back to their original ice i in just to play devil's advocate i i just feel like it's only for legal stuff what's for legal stuff like it's only because one a but it would just really if you were to be signing i don't think that you should have to get your significant others prove or their permission but i think that there should be a process if you want to go back because don't you need to have them sign of in both it's not dem sign or you side it's don't both parties have to sign if they're changing their name like landen's signature had to be on my name change document it wasn't like a marriage should know no and when you get divorced he they're not involved what is there in off i think they're not the other person isn't it don't both people have to agree to get divorced test but they don't have to agree what my name is afterwards when you're divorced you can there's a separate piece of paper that says you know if you want to change your name back to suzy meister here then you can do that and you just fill it in and turn it in and that's the end of it but my point is even if you're married what does he have to do with what name i want to go by and why would he have to decree it to be till right because if you wanted to go by suzy sparkle twinkletoed well that's different because we have a child in like they they worry about kidnapping so like there's a concern that's where this all originates is then you have to like 'cause i could see they're being a of a settler dipped this is a totally different name okay but for me to just resume my original maiden name has nothing to do with my husband i'd be easily searchable i wouldn't yeah be able to kidnap my son and easier and i i find it totally discussing and that.

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