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A coach you'd get fired right away but i knew there was a big time head coach that this had happened to recently was george carlin twenty thirteen he led the nuggets of the playoffs and win coach of the year twenty nine days later can kind of a similar situation though with george karl a team that they thought maybe should have done more in the east they didn't compete as well as they thought they should've and so they can't even then what happened total rebuild had to come it happen again also happened in baseball manager of the year joe girardi the one year he managed the florida marlins didn't go to the playoffs wins manager of the year gets axed and then he took on the yankee job then marty schottenheimer with the chargers fourteen into and they gave him the acts fourteen into you'll lose a playoff game and they can you and then they bring in north turner who has never more than a five i mean fourteen into and they can you so it doesn't matter what you do in a regular season north sugar hell of an offensive coordinator though dave l of an oak coordinator yeah yeah troy aikman swears by eight away candy are eastern conference playoffs you want to chime in on the golden state warriors the san francisco giants also we talked about this just a minute ago we're going to dive into this thing because as i said before a former big league steroid user as signed with a professional baseball team not a major league baseball team but a professional team it's rafael palmeiro we'll talk about that coming up in the leadoff spot on the sports leader hey look you get caught nbr's san francisco a cumulus station i am giving you the opportunity of a lifetime what happens when you combine a once in a lifetime with america's pastime the twenty eight yard giants austria going on now through sunday at saf giants.

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