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If you listen to the speaker of the house he he's calling it dangerous it's a dangerous precedent he said he's concerned about what the governor saying and then of course i spoke with former representative joe trillo whose ninety nine percent there as far as running for governor slamming gina raimondo saying he can't believe anything she says or her office said that uh that table a set right there he's not a b v saying ninety nine per se and he's gonna run let them start talking serious seriously right now i've gotten a lot of emails saying if it comes down to a primary between joe trillo an represented patricia morgan are people that are ranked me say it's gonna be a tough call in the front runner would appear would appear because he's a been in there once or twice before is an allan fung cranston mayor allan fung on the republican side so again don't forget as even though we're getting bogged down with this all this budget nonsense and the it is a power struggle all right i'm i'm going to call it i i could pose the question at nine o'clock but by eleven o'clock if i pose the question id at nine o'clock hour juryo says this is just pure policy and mattiello says it's a powerplay and i said you make up your mind now this is a powerplay this is a power struggle we've all set it in the past it's been this repeated story line type of a thing the speaker of the house is the most powerful person in the state the governor is a key more of a figurehead in policies dictated in people just fall in line with whoever the powerful speaker of the houses and boy he active tablecloth right off the table nevermind turn the table that old new jersey housewife style he flipped the whole table and i'm talking about senate president damage area he said let me show.

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