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The mineshaft restaurant in hartford and 620 wtmj the segment is there ought to be a law one of our favorite parts of the show every wednesday love o'clock hour we got a little bit late today because the governor but we have four on the line who want to give us their wisdom are going to dan accountable walk dan you're on wtmj uh it there ought to be alive that every medical facility in the state of wisconsin should post their prices publicly consumers can shopping get the battle cry i could not agree more we are not good consumers of our healthcare you think of the economic boom we would have in this country because eighty eighty percent of the medical procedures don't happen an emergency situation so people would have time to shop beer consumer arrived prices down let's wait for government i challenge all of the medical facilities in the state of wisconsin the do this tomorrow let's make it happen all right good one dan he deal bracelet ended their oddity alone that is an interesting one because oftentimes no matter what it is your told you need you don't think okay i got a call the next place it's this okay let's get this done let insurance take care of it and then all of a sudden you get some set in the mail yeah it's if people are lazy what their healthcare let's go to chris in lodi you're in wtmj there ought to be a law there ought to be a law youth sports uh wiha they don't get much right but he did get uh high school football right that the average championships on thursday and friday but all other youth sports should not be allowed to have games on opening day of deerhunting saturday or that sunday that's an that's a big one yet people don't like that but on may six hundred thousand people are wrong and if you want to get the you going ended a hunting you should eliminate that and if uh if our governor is making if there is no uh age restriction for hunters it would come off even bigger are you looking for the hunting season all way always always i repeat fatal alsahf on the words thank you sir at chris would take for making that make it i call let's go to chuck in manslaughter you're on wtmj yeah i of their.

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