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Harris Allen Monday Night Football the Bengals took an early lead with a first quarter field goal the Steelers followed with twenty seven on answered points they beat Cincinnati for the ninth straight time the final score twenty seven three Pittsburgh Steelers get a win after starting the season one three the bangles still win last now and for quarterback Mason road off twenty four of twenty eight two hundred twenty nine yards two touchdowns James Caan or one hundred twenty five total yards from scrimmage with the score Jaylen Samuels eighty three total yards and a touchdown Rudolph talked about to the wrinkle that Samuels adds to the Pittsburgh offense I mean we saw last last year with how special and how you know your versatile isn't in space with the football catching the football the back field so easy right piece our offense and and he compliments James Caan awhile and and it's it's a great a great group and we're gonna continue to kind of you know see where we go from here and see we can do with those guys because it is their their special talents Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton was sacked eight times picked once and he lost a fumble jets cornerback Sam don recovering from a mono cleared for non contact activities but no determination as to whether or not he'll be able to play on Sunday against the eagles the jets coming off the by and coach Adam gase hoping some of his players are getting healthier. you know we got a lot of guys kind just common old coming up coming through these injuries that we wanna. you know make sure that these guys get back to a close on a percentage possibles already go for the Philly game and does this kind of really the. behind all that linebacker CJ mostly in Jordan Jenkins both looking likely to miss that upcoming game defensive lineman Quinton Williams could be returning from his injured ankle meanwhile the giants will host the Vikings on Sunday golden Tate expected to play for the first time this season after serving his four game P. E. D. suspension the NFL has suspended raiders linebacker von to is perfect for the rest of the season after his helmet to helmet on Sunday on Jack Doyle of the colts bears quarterback make Stravinsky a dislocated shoulder and slight labrum tear but no surgery needed he will miss a few weeks and Broncos line backer Bradley jobs out the rest.

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