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Around a takes a slider for called strike. one on one Gavin locks the rookie second baseman is waiting on deck one nothing giants each team with two hits Ballenger with a bloop single to start this bottom of the fourth inning. total darkness above now. news night time in southern California. giants Dodgers on a Saturday night the one one pitch swing a smash wider the third caught by Longoria I say smash will get the exit velocity reading I actually don't think he hit it as hard as it looked and sounded. most still. a good way by Longoria make a catchy wound up like you might try to throw behind Ballenger for a possible double play Ballenger wasn't going anywhere. this young. who's just been sensational in the minor leagues for the Dodgers Gavin locks. a Wisconsin native. use the pension it is grounded toward second you bond has it built different grow lotus second for one that's all the giants with yet that's probably all they were gonna get it wasn't a perfect throw do bonded to make sure you have to shuffle over to his left the mall was and hit that I'd like to run pretty well. so no double play but the chance to get the lead runner at second. number two. it brings up T. K. Hernandez. good pitch by beating elects the role that won over. a lot of questions about Gavin looks as a defensive player. but most people across baseball believe that he is. one of the best young hitters at any level in the game. another talented young player for the Dodgers first pitch for ki K. Hernandez is low with a.

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