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I'm an idiot let's not gloss over that point i really mean this i really wanna talk with you here i genuinely don't care i mean i really mean that like i hope look hopefully we'll be friends for another fifty years and all sorts we'll chelsea but we'll we'll change the world to be a freer place and all that and maybe when we're eighty we'll do this again and he'll you know dave after all these years maybe maybe you're not a center it doesn't it and i don't even think you really view me that way and it truly doesn't matter to me as long as you're not coming onto my property and trying to harm really need to understand that and people who need to understand that i think in general about religious folks is that just because religious people think something is the senate doesn't mean they think the government should get involved or that it's my job to lecture to you about the sort of sin in which you are participating particularly if this is something that you know you're you're involved enter your or your set on like there's actual counterproductive things that are being done so this though is where i think the conservatives got a little crossed up with the religious crew and for years was doing too much moralizing and preaching and for dental so for the years before gay marriage became law i believe that you were taking the libertarian position on this the government should be involved license you very few conservatives we're doing like rand paul for example should have been screaming about that he should have said this has like i'm miliver tarian of you guys have bank conservatives and republicans i don't care what he thinks about one way or another but he should have stay staked out that position and he could have led the conservatives who are more principled position but but he didn't 'cause everyone's always playing politics in their own little things but at the end of the day if you're just what it's the law of the land right now so also i mean this is the case that i make to religious people if you're a religious leaning libertarian right who believes that certain things are since.

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