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By the hour. We have some folks that their yards are starting to get water because of the tremendous amount of rainfall from the other eastern parts of North Carolina. He says that there's still a curfew in place for much of North Carolina and people are being encouraged to not travel Florence is now a tropical depression at least seventeen people are reported killed since the storm hit a tree has fallen in Inglewood, so many people would have been injured. So thank God. I mean, hopefully, he's okay. But thank God. It wasn't. As bad as it could have been man was hurt. When the tree fell on him around nine o'clock last night on south second avenue. Progress is being reported in the fight against blood cancer. Doctor Gwen Nichols. With the leukemia and lymphoma society says there's promise in something called car. T therapy cancers include Kimia and lymphoma as the leukemia lymphoma society name suggests but also myeloma and a number of other blood cancers that are somewhat rare that involve the blood the bone marrow and lymph nodes cancers include leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, doctor nNcholas says, it some blood cancer is being cured now. And hopefully more will be soon. New study says one in five college students thinks about suicide the Harvard Medical School study says its students are experiencing more stress and feel obstacles they face can be overcome survey found that more than half of the LGBTQ students contemplates suicide at some point. September is national suicide prevention month in two thousand sixteen forty five thousand Americans killed themselves. A suicide rate for young adults has tripled from rates in the nineteen fifties to four point three percent in people ages fifteen to.

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