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. It's 9 45 I'm Luke Luger and thanks for being with us. What will union station look like and be like in the future? The federal railroad administration is out with its revised concept for the rail station's redevelopment. It will have far less parking pickup and drop off traffic below ground and more fully integrated access for pedestrians, bikes and buses. The new plan comes two years after the federal agency paused its analysis of the project to make changes after being called two car centric, meanwhile, still on the rails turns out rail workers in Germany will not be striking after all the labor union representing more than 200,000 railway workers in Germany says it is canceling plans for a two day strike after employees met one of its key demands negotiations on a broader deal continue the strike which would have affected dozens of other rail companies as well as freight traffic would have been one of the biggest in recent years following a previous large scale walkout in April. Just in time for Mother's Day a mother and daughter are making history at 42,000 feet, mom Terry eidson and daughter Nicole mccallister flew from Memphis, Tennessee to inch in South Korea together, CBS News correspondent Naomi shares their journey together. Terry Edison and her daughter Nicole mccallister have always been close, but this Mother's Day, their bond is soaring to new heights. The duo can now claim their place in history after becoming the first mother daughter team to co-pilot an international flight. This is a two of us up here applying this huge shit that was warming feeling. I enjoyed it. Their message to moms everywhere let your dreams take flight. Naomi rakam, CBS News. Nicole's dad and Terry's husband who is also a pilot served as a relief pilot on board. Their trip comes nearly 91 years after Amelia Earhart's historic solo flight across the Atlantic. On this Mother's Day, some research on working moms. New research from consulting firm Robert half is revealing the priorities and concerns of working mothers. 61% are planning to or already looking for a new job. Rupert half district president Meghan slovenski gives the reason why. No more than 90% of them cited workplace flexibility. The pandemic's remote work changed the thinking of many. They want flexibility to meet the obligations both for their employer and for their personal life. Stephen Kauffman see the S news. Now to the top stories we're working on at WTO P, the southern border has been relatively calm as pandemic air immigration restrictions and new rules meant

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