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I've ever koncept W. two one nine all players been given at the U. S. A. today headquarters in the plane after nine one one call at noon today reported a former employee with a weapon in the building on Jones branch drive Fairfax county police chief and one Rosser says they are in touch with the person of interest they were searching for we have determined that that person is in another location in Fairfax county and at this time I have no evidence that that person committed a crime she for also says the entire building has been cleared by swat teams floor by floor from the basement to the roof adding and with very thankful that this is a non event roster reiterating no one was hurt and everyone in the building the chief says do the right thing Barbara brick WMAL and WMAL dot com prince William county is going to turn in on use park and ride lot in Woodbridge into an actual park the Aga Khan district certainly does have a lack of public green space so this is really welcome just two and a half acres of an old commuter lot there's been growing weeds for years only supervisor Ruth Anderson says the harbor Dr lot off many bill road will become a wellness park it is indeed going to have equipment for adults and children with a focus on of those with disabilities John Matthews on WMAL and WMAL dot com Maryland Rep Elijah Cummings says government officials must stop making hateful incendiary comments that only serve to divide and distract the nation from Israel problems including mass shootings in white supremacy the democratic chairman of the house oversight committee did not name president trump remarks Wednesday but it was clear who he was addressing and a judge has granted a small bit of relief to former army intelligence analyst Chelsea manning and she serves a jail term for refusing to testify to a grand jury in order to release Monday U. S. district judge Anthony trend said manning can't be held for no longer than eighteen months for civil contempt WMAL news time tunnel.

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