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You're performing in the best best appearance of reporter. You're doing your job properly. And it's a badge of merit. You know, the White House says this was revoked because he plays his hands on a White House intern. The video shows that it cost did not mistreat the intern. But that's the White House spin about this story. That's the excuse to revolt the credential. Do you think the White House is going to go with other excuses to revoke other credentials, and this is going to become a deepening crisis? We're live better cry because the first amendment of the constitution forbids never Gatien to the press right to freedom. And the president seemed to understand that the amendment doesn't say unless the president doesn't like it. Then of course, he has the right to vote, and what President Trump has done having no law as the amendment forbids to fall back on he's done it through the back door if he refuses to allow reporter to report if he refuses to allow a organization like CNN to select its own reporter, but he can select the reporter, then what is freedom of the press. The president does not understand a lot of things about our constitution. But I expect and I believe the courts will instruct him Sam stay with me. They can I want to open this up to a couple of other guests, but first let me tell the viewers at home that the latest on what's going on. We can show you the video I think from Wednesday night when a cost arrived at the White House when he was told his secret service, parental was being taken away got out. Iphone and recorded it. So that there was a record of what happened that was on Wednesday night. Now here we are Sunday morning, and he remains on the blacklist. Yes, Jim is reporting in Paris. Yes. He's still getting scoops. You don't have to be at the White House physically in order to get scoops about the White House. But Jim remains on the blacklist, which means he's not able to attend official White House events. He's not able to be in a position to ask questions of the Trump administration all of CNN's other reporters and producers they still have access, but it costs has been frozen out. So let me bring this open to to other guests that are here with me. Frank sesno, a former CNN DC bureau chief now, the director of the school of media and public affairs of the George Washington University. And also here with me famed first amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams food, I want to ask you about the legal consequences in a moment. But Frank thoroughly Trump supporters who look at CASA they look at his grandstanding. They say is a show boat. They say he's allowed mouth they say he should have his press pass revoked what are you? What's your response to that? Absolutely. Not. They're absolutely wrong. I mean. Sam donaldson. I was saying was at the White House. He was all those things, and he didn't have is all due respect. He didn't have his press pass revoke and what I would say to Trump supporters, and what I would say to anyone who even for a moment suggests this imagine. Now, it's some years from now, and there's a very liberal president, and the very liberal president doesn't like being berated by the correspondent from Fox News.

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