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We all live by that. That's our that's our pride and joy. Basically that's what that's the morals. That's everything we WANNA do And then it says we're going to set the example for others to follow. I think the biggest thing is those individuals we work with. Were training those individual. So even when you're a leader when your squad or platoon sergeant your training individuals below you to actually take your job No one's against each other like you want those individuals to come up. You want those individuals to keep going. You want to see him progress and you want to see him succeed. So I think that's the biggest thing like we're talking Individuals here have been together for six years eight years so I know everyone says it but it truly is a family here. We have a lot of younger rangers. Things like that too so everyone within the platoon. Even when we're not at work works over one of the tunes hanging out to go so the weekends we're altogether at barbecues like going out hanging out of to the bar. Whatever we're doing everyone stays together so you have that bond and I think that's what makes us Italian. That's what the commodity comes from and then that's where we're able to hold each other accountable so once we do go out to conventional forces We're leaving that same motto still set the example for others follow and we'd get out there and it's a little different because individuals do come. They're there for two years three years. Then they're going on to the next assignment so we get there and we've seen what it looks like We know how individuals can work together when they do get on board. Everyone's on the same page. We're trying to accomplish the same goal so once we're out there just makes it a lot easier. I think that's where leadership comes into effect. We're trying to get that same like we're trying to get the same results from the regimen. It brings individuals where it's kind of accomplishing and kind of makes that makes that the mentality of wherever you're at you know. I think that applies to everyday living no matter where you are with your out in the private sector. You're in a conventional army. What you just said I mean the whole idea of being an NCO Definitely is about to make those people below year. Subordinates that much better to replace you. It's it's the lift them up not to lift yourself up. It's not about you trying to get more trinkets and you know more awards and stuff like that. It really is supposed to be `bout that so You know definitely if you're in a unit and the Conventional Army you're not finding that within your unit. You can certainly wait to the next PCS or you can put in to to come to regiment. It sounds like If you're really looking for that because that's what you you experience here on a daily basis. Yeah exactly so we get the schools like we get schools and we're going to the schools. That's what happens with our leadership so when you are a private that's when you're going to all your schools when you're a sergeant that's when you're getting some of your cooler schools Your squad leader. That's when you're pushing down your privates you want them to get those same opportunities. You want them to come up and training also. So that's where you're kinda start separating yourself to worst not your training like to make yourself better on your training to actually progress your career. That's where you kind of made that switch and you're trying to bring the guys up underneath you and then everyone's kind of progressing together. One of the things that we get a lot is what is arranger. And of course you know there's ranger school and there's Ranger Regiment. And so the question is are they won in the same Sodas Ranger Regiment run ranger school because the whole idea is to become a ranger and it just seems like that's the right progression but that's not the case right one belongs to trade. Ach One belongs to a so-called Special Operations Command so there is a difference between the training and the real life situation on a daily basis. But everyone of you guys also has to go have to go as once you become a leader identified as a leader to go to ranger school so differences between Ranger School and the Ranger Regiment. primarily Ranger School is a school is run by the army. It's based on combat leadership and learning how to lead patrols and other people when they're extremely tired extremely hungry physically uncomfortable all that. It's extremely worthwhile school. Nobody in the range original ever tell you that that ranger school is a waste of time. you gotTa Ranger School. You'RE GONNA learn a ton about combat leadership and a ton about yourself probably more by yourself then you learn about Combat leadership but that being said it is. It's a school anybody can go to ranger school. And you branch of Service Ranger School will host. You know soldiers from foreign militaries Anybody is eligible to its end ranger school. The Ranger Regiment is a Special Operations Unit We share the word ranger in our names. But that's about where the similarities Begin and end is just in that single word Part of service in the Ranger Regiment. On this this may be part of what confuses people sometimes to become an NCO or to be an officer in the Ranger Regiment. You will go to and you will graduate from Ranger school if you don't graduate from Ranger school as a combat arms or less You're you're eligible for release for standards from the organization We send everybody ranger school. Because it's a super good way of It's a good benchmark for leadership potential so just like Rasp Is Competitive and based on assessing and selecting the correct people to join the Ranger Regiment ranger. School is it's a good vehicle for determining who we should retain within the Ranger Regiment because of the potential that getting a ranger tab demonstrates so if you go to ranger school and you graduate and there's another soldier that goes to school and does not graduate. We can with like a fair amount of objectivity say that the the soldier who earned a ranger tab At some point in their career has the potential where it has a higher potential to be a good leader And that's the sort of soldier that sort of Rangers were trying to retain within the organization which is why every single ranger goes to ranger school. Yeah and that's I'm glad you stated that because also I think it goes back to our earlier conversation about. Don't de-select yourself so if you've gone through ranger school you can also still apply for Ranger Regiment. It's no different but the fact that you have ranger. School is not an automatic qualifier. Yeah absolutely so having Your Ranger Tab macy ranger qualified and being the derangement makes you a ranger. Bright simple as that should dispel that we had a very long probably an hour and a half conversation about this subject trying to explain it to personnel from the navy and the air force because they were trying to say what is the ranger. Well there's a ranger and there's a ranger in okay so yeah Ranger Ranger and it got to a whole like to our conversation. I think it went to one o'clock in the morning. And then we were finally like we're just GONNA end this picked up the next day. Unfortunately but this is a heated conversation about what is arranger. And and how do you get into regiment? And I know that you guys on social media win like us when you ended up posting something like that and you see a soldier who has a ranger tab but they don't have the scroll they're not in Red Ranger Regiment. You know they go with that person's not really arranger this and then there's a whole debate goes on about one hundred and fifty comments on post by appreciate every single one of you guys coming on certain. Bishop kept young certain Tagami and start Anderson. Thank you each for coming on the show and sharing your experiences and what you guys have done. I think it'll be only educational but I think a lot of people are just really curious about Ranger Regiment which you guys do on a daily basis What it takes to become one and then not only that but why would I even WanNa join and then when it comes to the time when I leave there? What are the benefits of why he served in if I make the transition? How easy is it going to of what the lessons I've learned here to the private sector? I think we covered every single one of those things. I appreciate. You guys taking the time to join US thanks much..

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