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Can the Philly fanatic be a free agent the Phils go to court to try to prevent it hi Mike the Nortel that's coming up right after traffic and weather on the Steve we are seeing some big delays on the Schuylkill expressway still even though we're well out of the rush hour nine frame normally westbound Google sluggish from South Street Vine Street expressway are generally slow than the Boulevard out to Henderson road the problem actually from a bill went out to Henderson road that's because of a problem with the horse trailer they flipped over were watching it on the jam cam now they have the left lane blocking everybody's kind of squeezing over the right shoulder to get by now that's affecting these belts Google your slow from two OO to that point will have your own golf mills again flowed Belmont and then Jean I'll mail from city Avenue down to the Vine Street expressway in the midst of that evidence around Montgomery block that is been moved off to the side but if you decided to use the Martin Luther king drive instead now there is an accident on the Martin Luther king drive near Montgomery and from what one of the members of the eighteen anti phone force tells us it's very serious they call this a two one five seven twenty four ten sixty still jammed ninety five southbound street road to wood haven due to construction the bridges are good the majors in South Jersey have cleared out mostly in mass transit is on or close to schedule recovery centers America Devin offers addiction treatment programs which address underlying trauma and relapse prevention get help this summer call today one eight hundred recovery in the K. one of the twenty four hour traffic center I'm Brian Ramona thank you Brian maybe a spot evening thunderstorm around otherwise partly cloudy low of seventy one for tomorrow partly sunny scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and a high of.

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