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Slow. Yeah, that's my core teas. So, and I love the decision by the Warren court. They're like, no, this is dealing with that pernicious evil that has systematically stopped a segment of our population from voting despite the fifteenth amendment. The Voting Rights Act is constitutional. South Carolina was like, dang, but no. But as I say, it really is all of these cases are laying the groundwork for what John Roberts would pull upon for the Shelby county v holder decision. And then there was where Mississippi and Virginia then try to say, okay, we can't do a full frontal assault on the Voting Rights Act. But let's see if we can do an in run around it and get the Voting Rights Act really limited to like the big nasty, big ugly things. No poll tax. Great. Because now we've got a constitutional Amendment, No literacy test, but maybe drawing our own different kinds of boundaries or changing the way that people have to do a write in ballots that's really not worthy of having to get pre clearance. And so you. You can see in that they're trying to then find ways to tinker with voting rights that can steal keep African Americans disfranchised, but just the way the Mississippi plan figured out how to do it on this side of the fifteenth amendment. Now, Virginia and Mississippi were trying to figure out how do we do it on this side of the Voting Rights Act and they tinkered and they tinkered and the supreme court came back again, this is the Warren court going, no Satan, not today. I need to stop that. Yeah, they're like, you know, this deals not only with, you know, in and again, the ruling was very clear this deals not only with the kinds of big things, but also the subtle changes that have as its effect disc franchising populations. And you could see that darn, but it doesn't mean that they stopped over and over these states, these jurisdictions are pushing the boundaries, pushing the limits, seeing how much they can get away with and each decision each each or no, as the supreme court changes really begins to provide the fodder that John Roberts uses in his decision. Shelby county v holder to basically dismantle so much of the Voting Rights Act and its effectiveness. Yeah. So I wanna I wanna roll back a little bit because they're two really important things that happened before it's too Shelby county versus so one of them is in this is my favorite element of voter suppression, right? It's my favorite because it's just so so cynical voter fraud, right? The claims of voter fraud, right in, you know, win. Those whisper started to happen. So the thing about that. That's so interesting to me is the level of gas lighting. So use cheating. You use cheating and deception. Keep people from voting and then you accuse them of cheating. It's like being married to a crazy man. Right? Did you? It's like that movie gas lighting were Ingrid Bergman is there s she thinks she is losing hall my because she sees the gaslight going down and her husband's baby. What did you say? She knows handkerchief in person and all of a sudden it's not there, and he's. She's like, I love that movie right. Go to the poll. You try to vote. They say, oh, you're name was in here, but then later you hear on the news that their Keesing your your community of trying to cheat, you know. So let's take the two thousand election. Yeah, I know please take it. Yeah. Yeah, right. So in that two thousand election, we, we've paid a lot of attention to Florida because Florida was a hot mess. What was happening there with a combination of Katherine Harris, Harris's, secretary of state and Jeb Bush as governor while his brother George W is running as the Republican nominee for president. That's where the focus was hanging chads purge voter rolls, having police officers stationed in the black neighborhood in Jacksonville in the only road coming into the precinct polling station. I just like really, really, but Saint Louis. I remember that party book. I was reading them..

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